Notes on Sheamus, Steve Austin, Madusa, and Impact total viewership

Aug 20, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

– CMT tweeted: Redneck Island season finale (starring Steve Austin) this Saturday! See how we got from 4 to 3 in an encore of the latest ep NOW (3/2c).

– Madusa via Twitter: Huge announcement !MADUSA PJ’S for your little ones or big fans.On pre sale soon! Will have picture and info soon! Wear them for Halloween!

– The delayed viewing for TNA Impact Wrestling on 8/9 brought the total viewership up to 1.4 million, up 13%.

– Sheamus did an before Summerslam. Sheamus is asked if he prefers being a babyface or heel, “It’s always good to get cheered. It’s always good for people to like you, but as long as people react to you coming out, whether they are booing you or cheering you, it’s great. What you don’t want is to walk out there and hear crickets because no one is reacting to you at all,” stated the World Heavyweight champion.

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