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Gabe Sapolsky comments on Cesaro’s U.S. title victory

Former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky posted the following on Facebook after Antonio Cesaro won the WWE US Title at Summerslam…

Seeing talent win and lose in wrestling rarely has any effect on me, but seeing Antonio Cesaro win the US Title really gave me an unexpected good feeling just now. Here is a guy who risked everything to come to a foreign country, hustled in every positive sense of the word to work everywhere he could, did good business everywhere, was a good person to everyone around him and overcame every roadblock placed in his way. It just shows that if you are a quality person, do things the right way, put passion in your work and keep your head above adversity, you can have success. His international gimmick of insulting the fans in five languages and now being US Champion has a lot of legs to it and is a great opportunity. This is a great start for him being a pushed WWE talent. He deserves and has worked for all the success he gets. It is inspiring.

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8 Responses

  1. rob says:

    Well put, Gabe! Claudio deserves it for sure … HEYY!!

  2. bah says:

    @Durk, if you can’t remember it, why mention it? Go google it up yourself, lazy!

  3. Mike says:

    @durk no that was Rob Feinstein…not nice to make false allegations

  4. Craig says:

    If you think of the success former ROH talent has had in the WWE this year, Evan Bourne, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro have all held titles, and even in TNA with Austin Aries, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Madison Rayne all holding titles.

    ROH really is the place to be to get a start in one of the top promotions in America.

  5. Joe says:

    He’s a good worker don’t get me wrong. But being 6’5″ and from a different country in the WWE doesn’t hurt either. If there’s two things that WWE can’t resist it’s big men and an anti-american gimmick.

  6. GTS= go to sleep, sleepy head! says:

    It’s pretty obvious that ROH has been a talent hotbed the last decade, but my question is, is there any another hotbed promotions the WWE & TNA can delve into? I remember in my hometown about five years ago we had AWA-Pinnacle, which had The Stampede Bulldogs Harry Smith and TJ Wilson, Jack Evans, Davey Richards, Tony Kozina and even Matt Classic Colt Cabana and Dr. Tom Pritchard made cameos there as well.

  7. Gene says:

    Yet another roh cronie trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with.

  8. Cody T. says:

    @Gene You mean the guy who left ROH in 08 and has sh@t on the company for the past four years since his firing? Right……

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