Aug 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Thank you for joining us for our LIVE coverage of tonight’s Summerslam. Feel free to post your comments below.

– We see a promo highlighting the 25 years of Summerslam as THE event of the summer.
– We see a promo for the Perfect Storm: Lesnar vs. Triple H
– Pyro
– Michael Cole welcomes us to the 25th anniversary of Summerslam. 17,482 is the announced attendance, the event is sold out.

“Excuse me,” as Vickie Guerrero opens the show to introduce Dolph Ziggler.

(1) Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero.

Jericho enters the match with heavily tapped ribs. We see a clip of Ziggler attacking Jericho on Friday Night Smackdown, explaining the tapped ribs.
Cole noted that Jericho has noted won a PPV match since returning to WWE in January. Early on, Jericho nails Ziggler with an elbow, and followed it up with a Ric Flair chomp to the chest. Jericho hurled Ziggler over the top rope, maintaining the early advance. Ziggler gained control, and got a two count at the four minute mark of the match. Ziggler gets a 2 1/2 count, with Vickie continue to scream encouragements to her client.

Ziggler tries to work over Jericho’s sore ribs. Ziggler nearly had the match won at the seven minute mark. Ziggler countered a walls of Jericho attempt. Ziggler applied the sleeper hold from behind, as Vickie screamed to finish it. Jericho mounted a comeback, and dropped Ziggler in the counter. Jericho hits the hurricarana, but could only get a two count on Ziggler. Fans start a “lets go Ziggler, lets go Y2J.” Running bulldog by Y2J. Ziggler blocked a lionsault attempt. Zig Zag by Ziggler, but Jericho kicked out.

Jericho hits a code breaker, but Ziggler rolled out of the ring. Y2J rolled out after Ziggler, but Vickie tried to stop him, which almost cost Jericho the match. Jericho locked on the Walls of Jericho and Ziggler taps out at 13:05.

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