Aug 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

(7) Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) vs. Triple H

Bell rings, and Lesnar goes right after The Game, and backs him into the corner. Lesnar goes for the left arm, and Hunter grabbed the ropes. Referee Scott Armstrong doesn’t make a count, as Hunter requested before the match. Hunter sends Lesnar over the top rope. Lesnar looks pissed off. Lesnar enters the ring as Heyman encourages him. Lesnar takes off his gloves, and nailed Hunter in the back of the head. Lesnar and Hunter brawl in front of the announce table. Lesnar locks Hunters arm, and drops him on the announce table. Armstrong does not make a ten count, no count outs tonight.

Lesnar drags The Game back into the ring. Lesnar again drops Hunter on injured arm. Lesnar locks Hunter’s arm, and puts pressure on it in the ropes.
Lesnar rams Hunter’s arm into the turnbuckle. Armstrong asks Hunter if he wants to give up, but of course, he does not. Lesnar German suplexes Triple H. Lesnar appears to be bleeding from his nose. Lesnar stomps on Hunter’s arm. Hunter finally counters Lesnar with a DDT. Lesnar continues to drop Hunter on his bad arm. Heyman tells Lesnar this is his house.

On the outside, Lesnar rams Hunter’s left arm into the ring steps. Lesnar follows up by ramming Hunter into the announce table. Lesnar jumps off the table and lands a right hand on Hunter. Hunter set up for the pedigree, but Lesnar tosses Triple H out of the ring. Hunter punches Lesnar in the gut, with Lensar saying, “oh my stomach.” Fans chant a “Triple H” chant. Knee to the mid section by Hunter, as The Game now goes after Lesnar’s sensitive area. Spinbuster by The Game. Pedigree by Hunter, but only a two count.

Low blow by Lesnar right in front of the referee, but again, no DQs tonight. F5 by Lesnar, but Hunter kicked out. Lesnar applies the Kimura lock, but Hunter is able to force Lesnar to break the hold. Pedigree, but Lesnar countered with another Kimura lock. Hunter taps out at 18:45.

After the match, medics attend to Triple H who is in alot of pain on the mat. Announcers are selling it that Lesnar broke Hunter’s arm again. Hunter refuses medical attention. Fans chant “you tapped out” at The Game. Fans also do a “Triple H” chant as he stand in the middle of the ring. Cole wondered if this was the end of Triple H? Lawler ends the PPV by saying he thought Triple H just said goodbye.

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