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Kurt Angle’s feelings for Vince McMahon, says leadership is lacking In WWE

from Richard Gray:

Kurt Angle spoke exclusively with Alex Barie’s last week in an interview that has the entire Internet buzzing. Below are some of the highlights:

Admiration for Vince McMahon:

Kurt Angle: “I am very grateful what Vince [McMahon] did to me. He utilized me the right way. I believe if I would have went to WCW, it would have taken a heck of a lot longer to get to where I am now.”

Thoughts on the Chris Benoit tragedy:

Kurt Angle: “…it was such a tragedy that I was more confused to what happened and tried to figure out how a tragedy like that could happen especially since Chris [Benoit] was such a nice and caring guy.”

WWE lacking leadership today:

Kurt Angle: “…Undertaker, Triple H, Austin, The Rock… Those guys were such great leaders. I think that is what is lacking today. The Attitude Era there were so many great wrestlers.”

Who will carry the business in the future:

Kurt Angle: “I’m trying to think of young talent because when you are talking about the CM Punks, the Randy Ortons, and the AJ Styles… they are all in their thirties. That is not young talent… doesn’t mean they are not new talent. There are guys… I’ll give you a guy that will be a huge star. He’s only 25 right now, but he will be a huge star in the next three or four years, whether it be in TNA or somewhere else and that’s Magnus.”

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7 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Nice props from Kurt to Magnus, similar to how Sting gave props to Magnus a few months ago. Magnus should stay with TNA though because WWE already have an English wrestler they’re pushing in Wade Barrett and Magnus stands more chance of becoming a World Champion in TNA because I don’t feel WWE will have Barrett win the “big one” seeing as Davey Boy Smith was never WWF Champion.

  2. Yeah I’m a big Magnus fan, but he is a future guy. If he won the world title tomorrow, I’d question and disagree with that decision. But I’d like to see him become a lot more developed and used, and stay with TNA.

  3. dave says:

    Its funny, Magnus started out on the british version of Gladiators and he was well known here for that. Some scoffed when he went into pro wrestling but he’s done well.

    Barrett is a future world champion, I think that’s a certainty.

  4. Israel S. says:

    Magnus may, indeed, one be TNA champion. But without the WWE, he’ll never get the fame and fortune to go with it. The way I see it, telling someone that you’re the TNA champion is like a Double-A baseball team trying to tell the world that you’re a World Series Champ. Ain’t so. Gotta get to the big leagues to claim “The Trophy”. Nothing against Magnus, but TNA is always gonna play second fiddle, always gonna be minor league. Just a fact, jack.

  5. Brit says:

    Dave, you have your facts a bit off there. Magnus had been wrestling for years (and even running his own shows- Summit Wrestling) well before he was picked up to do Gladiators.

  6. Daniel says:

    I agree with you there Israel. I haven’t seen a lot of Magnus but what I’ve seen…I just don’t see it there. I think Kurt and Sting are more qualified than I am to judge his abilities though so I’m probably wrong, I just haven’t seen it.

  7. Daniel says:

    I just realized the headline says “Kurt Angle’s feelings FOR Vince McMahon” as if they are lovers. LOL

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