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Update on the location for next year’s Summerslam reports that next year’s Summerslam will return to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. There was speculation about Madison Square Garden hosting Summerslam next year, but renovations are now scheduled to continue over next summer.

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  1. Con Cara says:

    Summerslam in LA? What a surprise.

  2. gly says:

    again what is which having summerslam in la for now next year is 4 time like now la own the summerslam?

  3. Jerrod Moore says:

    the only Original WWE pay per view to never be in my state of Texas, and it looks like it never will be

  4. sunshinethewerewolf says:

    Summer and LA work great for ticket sales. Huge reason why successful summer tours like warped tour and Summer slaughter start in LA and wrap up in LA.

  5. -J- says:

    WWE likes to kiss some hollywood butt during the summer stir up some buzz in lala land.

  6. Snow says:

    Seriously LA again? Why would they even go to that waste of a state california…

    Can’t really complain though Survivor Series is in my state this year.

  7. IAMAllah says:

    California waste of a state? Are you really that dense that you do not know why they continue to host Summerslam in Los Angeles? You’re from hickville aka Indiana. Talk about a waste of a state.

  8. Snow says:

    Yes a waste of a state. Its filled with illegals who constantly break the law besides being here illegally yet they do nothing. There are so many hippies there. Not to mention the bozos in hollywood. Its just a plain waste of a state. The only people who would miss it if it disappeared are the democrats who rely on the votes of the illegals from there and all the other brainwashed tools.

  9. barry says:

    it be nice to have summerslam on the east coast

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