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Paul Heyman addresses rumors

Heyman via Twitter:

“It is amazing how many rumors are flying around. I don’t like to address rumors. It lends credibility to them, and the moment you answer ONE rumor,you immediately call attention to the other rumors (no matter how ridiculous they are) by NOT responding!

We’re going to clear up some issues. Set the record straight. Get some people “on point,” and stir some things up!

Brock’s theory of “let them speculate” seems to be a damn smart one, and I certainly see the merits of that position.

HOWEVER (aha! There is a “but” involved here)… Just to address two items that so many people seem to be giving credence to.

@CMPunk and I have NOT pitched the idea of being aligned to anyone. If we did, you wouldn’t know about it. Did anyone know I was coming back on May 7th as Brock’s representative? NO ONE KNEW! So if @CMPunk and I have … or had .. or will have a plan … I assure you, it would have / will play out in front of your very eyes. @CMPunk doesn’t need an advocate. Nor a spokesman. Nor a representative. That’s not his character. Brock’s character totally different.

The other rumor to address … Whether @WWE is interested in extending my deal, Brock’s deal, etc. Not one single person has hit the nail on Brock’s deal with @WWE … and that’s the way Brock likes it! … and since NO ONE knows what my deal is, it would be impossible for anyone to state with certainty what my situation IS … or ISN’T! And, just for the record, I’m not discussing it.

Here’s my reasoning for it … When I left @WWE in 2006, I thought I was done. Gone. Never to return. I loved working with Brock on his book. Building #Looking4Larry with @MStuart777 has been a total blast! The @HeymanHustle website and digital program has been the cornerstone of our agency, and we love doing it.

This whole deal has been a surprise. A surprise for you. A surprise for my kids. A surprise for the WWE Universe. A surprise for ME, too. Enjoy the ride. Watch it unfold. See what happens. For the first time in forever, we have people GUESSING what comes next. If for no other reason but THAT, there’s nothing 2 discuss. You know there’s a heavily-promoted match this Sunday at @WWE #SummerSlam.

You’ve seen @ShawnMichaels, Stephanie McMahon, all our CHILDREN be a part of this main event. Now it comes down to Brock Lesnar vs HHH. If we’ve sold you on buying the ppv, I bet you get your money’s worth on this match alone. If we haven’t sold you on the ppv yet, then thank you for your time, and I hope something else has captured your attention or imagination.

Brock and I are “all-in” for this Sunday. And just based on what his future holds, HHH is “all-in,” too. This is a match everyone wants you to remember.

So … I’m not addressing any more rumors. I’m not confirming. I’m not denying. I’m focused on this Sunday … … and I’m looking forward to watching Brock and HHH live up to, and indeed EXCEED everyone’s expectations.

Is this hype? Yes. But it’s Hype routed in TRUTH. Is this a rant? A diatribe? A long-winded TwitSpeech? Absolutely! Hope you liked it.”

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11 Responses

  1. Frank G says:

    awesome. a reason why he’s one of the best creative minds in the wrestling business. wish his TNA deal would have worked out. i can only imagine what he would have accomplished with creative control.

  2. -J- says:

    a twitter “rant” done right.

  3. a.j george says:

    Ok Paul Heyyman we get you all you do is talk trash the frist day in ECW sense NOW you want to talk about Brock lets talk about him next you call him the next big thing right yeah right your Number One superstar right yeah right then how come when he came back he did a interview talkin trash about John Cena how if he did not leave 8 years ago he will be on top of wwe and John Cena will be noting but Brock bith thats what you boy said Heyyman 8 YEAYS AGO that was around wrestlemania lets look back before wrestlemania two no way out you remember no way out Heyyman eddie guerrero vs brock lesnar who won yeah not brock wrestlemania 20 Big Show Vs John Cena for US.Title who won the same it was goldberg vs brock lesnar who lost and now 8 years later at extreme rules john cena vs brock lesnar who lost and now paul just this sunday at summerslam triple h vs brock lesnar your boy will go down again. p.s. Paul Heyyman i will love to see you join the the mcmahon kiss my ass club

  4. antonio feliciano says:

    Paul your a ass. Always was and always will be so shut the hellllllll up

  5. Hipnosis says:

    Paul Heyman hasn’t sold me on anything and neither has Brock or HHH. However TNA has sold me on Bound for Glory. There’s going to be another ROCK vs CENA and i’m tired of it. Rock vs Cena has been the focus for 2 years already. I forgot MIZ main evented Wrestlemania because it was about ROCK vs CENA

  6. Tony says:

    It’s good to see you back Mr. Heyman, pro-wrestling needs you badly. I hope you do stay on, the younger talent(in ring and behind the magic curtain) needs a MENTOR like you to educate them on the art of pro-wrestling (sports entertainment) showmanship. As a lifetime watcher of wrestling (30+ years)I can say that you have help make 2012 a very entertainiung year thus far!

  7. a.j george says:

    Ok i’m gonna make a segment about paul heyman & brock lesnar 1st
    paul heyman has a big ego talk trash to everyone and making things very Personal like vince mcmahon family when i mean family i mean his grandchildren they don’t have notting to do with this feud between vince mcmahon wwe & paul heyman ecw heyman is mad because he got beat no more ecw bye hell vince mcmahon let ecw frist ppv on raw think about that and not only paul heyman has been talk trash the mcmahon family but do you remember years ago last time when heyman Personal ego talk trash undertaker family yeah paul heyman has a big ego he likes to talk trash to everyone make things very Personal

  8. a.j george says:

    Ok now my 2nd is about brock lesnar call himself the the next big thing the Number One superstar ever he went the spotlight on him not on any one eles
    he has been in the wwe & ufc lets talk about wwe frist he did a interview talk trash and made segment about how he not a wrestler he is a fighter a asskicker how he has no respect for the fans or the company John Cena how if he did not leave 8 years ago he will be on top of wwe and John Cena will be noting but 8 years ago was around wrestlemania 20 at no way out it was eddie guerrero vs brock lesnar then at wrestlemania 20 it was Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg the same night it was Cena vs show for the us tittle now Brock Lesnar bully john laurinaitis attack Josh Mathews for one reason at all attack a ref extreme rules john cena vs brock lesnar i don’t know you be the judge does paul heyman & brock lesnar has the Number game or does wwe have it. ufc i am fan of ufc i’m a big fan of ultimate fighter but when brock lesnar was team coach he Sick has the coach and he let his team down has the coach when brock lesnar taps out to frank mir who’s p-off lesnar Velasquez TKO Lesnar guss who was there to see it the undertaker who’s p-off lesnar
    this sunday at summerslam triple h vs brock lesnar it’s gonna hell of a fight

  9. AC says:

    Honestly i haven’t been sold on SummerSlam what so ever and i wont be ordering this event the first time i have never ordered SummerSlam because it used to be a great PPV in fact my favourite even of the year.

    However i cannot stand Heyman, Lesnar or HHH. All part timers, all lacking talent and all over which are over rated and BORING. And that pretty much sums up the WWE nowadays.

    People chime on about Heyman as if he is a genius really? he ran his own wrestling promotion into the ground, didn’t pay talent, destroyed wrestling’s credibility when he focussed on branding it as “Hardcore” which imo is complete and utter trash. And when i see people writing about the art of pro wrestling and Heyman mentioned in the same sentence that is out right ridiculous.

    SummerSlam will suck the main events are poor and the pwople working them are boring.

  10. rob says:

    You’ve got me interested, Paul. I wasn’t even considering ordering a PPV until I read your speech here on Gerweck. Now, I might actually get the PPV … or at least continue considering it.

    Also, why is Hipnosis sold on Bound For Glory? What’s the story their? I get that they’re doing a Field of Honor-esque Bound For Glory series, but I watched ten minutes of iMPACT! last night and I don’t get why Bobby Roode is playing such a pathetic character trying to get heel heat so hard when they could easily have someone like Aries come out and get a pop to hold my attention. Who’s Aries going to fight at Bound For Glory? He’s the only wrestler on that roster that can hold my interest at the moment.

    Now back to Brock and HHH … remember when Brock beat Rock at SummerSlam and took the title to Smackdown? And Trips was presented with the World Heavyweight Championship belt? Well, I’ve been waiting to see this match since then and you know what, Paul Heyman is done a good job of selling this SummerSlam card to me exactly ten years after Brock won the belt.

    If you remember correctly, Shawn Michaels made a come back at the PPV and had a great match with Triple H that saw those two feuding into the fall while Brock and Heyman rocked Smackdown!

  11. Adam says:

    The Master…love him or hate him, he’s one of the most talented guys ever is this biz. He’s a good talker, plays the old school manager part very well in a “new school” way. No one else can come close. He succeeds as the mouthpiece for a guy that is physically impressive yet is mediocre on the stick. I’m glad Paul is back. Brock needs to grow on me a bit again but he hasn’t exactly disappointed me yet either. And for the record Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff strategically ran ECW to the ground, not Paul. They used their influence to raid the roster, keep Paul from getting TV deals and from using well known venues in towns so that ECW couldn’t progress and gain revenue. The only thing Paul is guilty of was possibly not informing the talent of the impending demise of the company. But I wouldn’t want to have to tell my closest friends that I couldn’t pay them either…either way, I’m glad he’s back.

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