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Aug 16, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for August, 15th, 2012, with an air date of August 18th in Louisville.

The big news coming out of this show is TNA’s Crimson(Tommy Mercer) made his surprise OVW debut last night, and it appears he may be around for awhile.

Dean Hill and Gilbert Corsey were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed and Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 100, and they weren’t an especially lively bunch for most of this show.

OVW’s Josette Bynum, wrestling as Sojo Bolt, vs Taeler Hendrix vs Heidi Lovelace will take place this Friday on the Shine Women’s wrestling iPPV at wwnlive.com.

The next OVW Saturday Night Special will be on September 1st, which will mark the 10th anniversary of the Davis Arena.

1. Alex Silva beat Arik Kristopher

Dark match. Easy win for Silva, and he looked bored doing it.

Next came a bizarre dark segment where Elvis Pridemore came to the ring with Bobbie Bardot, who is Al Snow’s wife, who was dressed like a Witch. Pridemore plugged his rap CD, which has been out for a long time already. Out came African American wrestler J Best, who was holding a bucket of chicken, and a beverage in a brown paper bag. Best challenged Pridemore to a rap-off. before that could get going out came “The Body Guy” Max Von Wolfgang, who gyrated for us for no apparent reason. This brought out the masked Assassin, who took out Wolfgang and Best with some crappy looking Five Dollar Wrestling level clotheslines. Ricky Chevy snuck up behind The Assassin and gave him a chair shot, but The Assassin no sold it. Chevy ran away unharmed, for now. Lastly Raphael Constantine came to the floor looking sad because Bobbie Bardot used to be one of his ladies, but they have all left him. Yeesh, what a mess this was.

The TV taping opened with Gilbert Corsey in the ring talking about the battles for the OVW Heavyweight title between current champion “Smooth” Johnny Spade and challenger Jamin Olivencia. Last weeks show went off the air with no finish shown as the battle raged on. Director of Operations of OVW Trailer Park Trash, with his assistant who hates him Josette Bynum came out. TPT said the solution to this will be a 30 minute Ironman match between Spade and Olivencia at the September Saturday Night Special. Olivencia and Spade came out and argued with each other, though both are still babyfaces here. New OVW TV champion Ryan Howe came out and said as TV champion he deserves the shot at the heavyweight title, and complained about Olivencia getting so many chances at it, and coming and going as he pleases from OVW, which is funny for Howe to say since he just recently returned here after being gone for months to Florida. Rob Terry came out and said he deserves a rematch with Spade, and said he’s beaten him before, which is true.

Finally TPT made a convoluted tag team main event for tonight, with an even more convoluted explanation. It will be Spade & Olivencia vs Howe & Terry tonight, and if Howe or Terry pin or submit Spade or Olivencia, they will replace Olivencia as the #1 contender to Spade at the Sept. SNS. TPT added that this will make Spade and Olivencia learn to work together. Huh??? Where’s the logic?

Shiloh Jonze and Raul Lamotta were backstage again complaining about being screwed by OVW. Jessie Godderz happened upon them, and an argument ensued, leading to a match tonight.

The Mobile Homers with Brittany DeVore were backstage drinking moonshine, or “Rocket fuel” as they called it. Brandon Espinosa and Chris came up to them and invited them to “Persuasions”, no doubt a gay nightclub. The Mobile Homers declined that invitation, and continued drinking heavily.

2. Shiloh Jonze w/Raul Lamotta beat Jessie Godderz

This was the first match of the TV taping. Godderz’ championship tag team partner, Rudy Switchblade, was conspicuous by his absence tonight. Jonze and Lamotta are now known as “The Wildcards” here. Godderz dominated this one, but Jonze rolled him up for the pin. “The Wildcards” want a shot at the tag titles, but must still wait in line.

Dylan Bostic was backstage, wearing a cardboard Burger King crown, and again caught his girlfriend Taeler Hendrix flirting with Ryan Howe. Bostic and Hendrix were mad at each other, but left together here.

3. Crimson beat Randy Royal

Crimson appeared, shocking the Davis Arena faithful. Wow, the guy finally loses in TNA, ending arguably the worst winning streak gimmick in the history of pro wrestling, which was not really his fault, and then gets banished to OVW not too long afterwards. It’s a tough business kids. All Crimson here, until Royal hit a nice faceplant late in the bout. Crimson then won it with the “Red Sky” sit down powerbomb.

Crimson cut a promo after the match saying he going after the OVW Heavyweight title by winning the Nightmare Rumble at the September SNS, and the winner of that gets a title shot at the October SNS. I’d now consider him a favorite in the Nightmare Rumble.

Jessie Belle was backstage consoling Dylan Bostic. Taeler Hendrix caught them, leading to a match between Hendrix and Jessie Belle tonight. Hendrix and Bostic again left together, but were unhappier with each other than ever.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage…Raphael Constantine walked in on one of his former “Sexy Train” ladies Bobbie Bardot, who was still dressed like a Witch, who was there with Elvis Pridemore. Bardot consoled Constantine in a totally phony manner, but the delusional Constantine somehow came out of this thinking he too could be a Rap star.

Cliff Compton came thru the heel entrance with a chair, looking even more grungy than usual. Compton and Chris Silvio have been embroiled in a babyface vs babyface feud here for awhile, but Compton was a total heel here, putting the bad mouth on Silvio, until Silvio came out, along with Mo Green. Compton then changed his tune, and cowered from Silvio, which made no sense. When Silvio and Green turned to leave, saying Compton wasn’t worth the trouble, Compton hit Green from behind with a chair. Green had to be helped out of the arena. Looks like we’re heading towards some kind of a chairs match between Compton and Silvio.

4. OVW Women’s champion Taeler Hendrix vs Jessie Belle went to a no contest in a non-title match

It was notable that Dylan Bostic was nowhere to be found here. This wasn’t much of a match per say, but this was an intense fight between two fiery redheads. Both ladies really brought the hate here. Referee Jordan Barker finally threw the bout out, after being caught up in the fray himself. More refs came out, and a pull apart ensued. Obviously, these two are going to meet again, probably for the OVW Women’s title. This was arguably the best thing on the show due to the intensity both ladies displayed.

5. “Smooth” Johnny Spade & Jamin Olivencia beat Rob Terry & Ryan Howe by DQ

TV main event time. A male student here threw some ladies panties at Howe during his pre match guitar solo. Not sure if that was a planned spot, or a rib. The volume on Howe’s guitar was much lower than it’s been, and the solo much shorter, so they’ve tweaked his entrance here some. Rob Terry attacked his partner Howe before the match even started. So much for them working together huh? Howe later took the heat, in part because he refused to tag out to Terry. Terry finally manufactured his own hot tag, but Howe tagged himself back in quickly. Dylan Bostic ran out and caused Howe to be crotched on the top turnbuckle, which caused the DQ. So as a result Jamin Olivencia remains the #1 contender to Spade, and will face him in a 30 minute Ironman match at the Sept. SNS.

Rob Terry was very unhappy with all of this, and left everyone laying after the match, including Dylan Bostic.

A few interesting things tonight, but not an especially good show overall. This seems to be a time of transition here, with some key roster members leaving, such as Paredyse & Mohamad Ali Vaez, who the latter has vanished without a trace, but they now have guys coming in like Alex Silva and Crimson. They have enough of a talented crew here to do good shows, but it doesn’t feel like OVW has much momentum right now. Not much is really clicking. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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