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Follow up on the release Kharma

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Kharma had developed a bad reputation when it came to training and staying in ring shape. Management felt she was lazy and was difficult for them to get her back in shape.

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  1. I think rumours are being leaked from WWE about Kharma, to justify them letting her go ,because they know how angry the fans were about the wasted opportunity. They are trying to say, basically, its not our fault, its entirely her fault. When reality is, they knew exactly what they were getting when they signed her, and they knew what they were getting her for.

  2. Really? says:

    She really let herself go.” remarked Triple H pointedly. “This was no longer the slim, trim, fitness machine we signed to destroy the TNA Knockouts division and let sit on the shelf for almost her entire contract. By the way, Big Show, it’s time to main event Summerslam.”

  3. Truth says:

    She herself admitted she is in terrible shape and is looking to do a reality show that chronicles he losing the weight and getting in shape. Opinions based on fact is appreciated.

  4. jonathan says:

    she was pregnant and she lost the baby. give the woman a break.

  5. justinblazer says:

    hopefully she gets herself back in shape to come back. i cant think of a woman in wwe that got the pop she was getting every time her entrance music hit.

  6. Matthew Burns says:

    She was too lazy to go on the road, which is what WWE wanted her to do. She thought she could free load off them and still collect a big pay check! The reality is that we all have to work for a living. She needs to decide if she wants to be a pro wrestler or just another person on welfare!

  7. Sean B says:

    I’m glad shes gone. As much as the divas division needs a shot in the arm, your average WWE diva weighs 90lbs soaking wet. How in the hell could they legitimatly feud ANYONE against her?

  8. Renato says:

    Like she was ever “in shape”..

  9. AC says:

    tbh she was always better suited in TNA the knockouts division imo is far better then what the WWE put on. So hopefully she might go back to TNA.

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