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Dolph Ziggler talks Summerslam, MITB opportunity, Mr. Perfect comparison

Dolph Ziggler did an interview ahead of Sunday’s Summerslam with the Los Angeles Times.

Ziggler is asked if he might cash in his MITB title opportunity at Summerslam. Ziggler replied, “SummerSlam is a grand stage, and I will find a way to steal the show that night one way or another, but I am still brainstorming on the perfect time to cash in. This is the biggest step thus far in my career, so it will be done right and be memorable!”

On being compared to Mr. Perfect, “Any comparison to a WWE legend or someone I’ve looked up to is really cool, but make no mistake about it, my ego is too big to want to be a really good replica of someone else! It’s unfortunate that if you’re really good at your job, you are constantly compared to legends of the past. I am not trying to be the next ANYONE, I am going to be the FIRST Dolph Ziggler! Follow that!,” said Ziggler.

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4 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    He’s gunna have a hell of a career when it’s all said and done…

  2. Fisha695 says:

    Part Mr Perfect, Part Billy Gunn & Part Ric Flair… Not a bad combination at all.

  3. Mr. 602 With Attitude says:

    @Fisha695 glad I am not the only one that see that… I been saying it since he became DZ

  4. Jake Allen says:

    He just needs a better finishing move and he’d be a long time top tier guy imo. Maybe he can resurrect a classic one like the Rude Awakening or the ddt

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