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CM Punk on the Kevin Nash comments, JTG’s rant, Steve Austin, more

A few notes from the CM Punk Q&A at the Chicago Comic Con:

– On the Kevin Nash smaller wrestler comments: Punk said that it is Nash’s opinion and you can’t hate someone’s opinion just because you don’t agree with it.

– On JTG’s twitter rant: CM Punk said if JTG had a problem with something, he should have talked to Vince McMahon or someone backstage instead of ranting about it on Twitter. Punk said that although his original Pipe Bomb promo was a public rant just like JTG, everything Punk said during the promo were the same things he had been saying to Vince for months.

– Punk said it’s unlikely he will face Steve Austin anytime soon because Stone Cold just had knee surgery. Punk said the match will only happen if Stone Cold wants it to happen.


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7 Responses

  1. Con Cara says:

    “Punk said that it is Nash’s opinion and you can’t hate someone’s opinion just because you don’t agree with it.”

    Yet, when someone isn’t in favor of gay marriage, Punk tells them to kill themselves. Way to look like a hypocrite, Punk.

  2. dave says:

    Big difference between opinion and ignorance Con Cara. Like your namesake your statement is botched.

  3. Snow says:

    Dave, so if someone doesn’t agree with gay marriage its ignorance? Typical liberal, when someone doesn’t agree with your stances they are wrong, bigots, racist, bible-thumpers, ect.

    Liberals claim be open minded and tolerant… but only if you agree with them.

  4. Kerry says:

    dave – Big difference between opinion and ignorance

    So an opinion can’t be ignorant? It seems YOUR statement is botched.

  5. Guest Booker says:

    Al of the statements are wrong. Punk telling someone they should kill themselves is his OPINION. Liberals and conservatives has nothing to do with it.If conservativces want to lump all of society that has similar beliefs together and make generalizations, they are living up to the their own stereotype. Very educated comments though…

  6. Blaster says:

    Hell yes. I’m still mad about women being able to vote! (No Homo)

  7. Damian says:


    Anyways Im pretty sure Dave meant that Punk telling someone to kill themselves is ignorant. Anyone thats wishes death upon someone is ignorant.

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