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Update on former Tough Enough competitor Luke Robinson

Luke Robinson, who finished second in Tough Enough, has told friends he’s moved on past pro wrestling and is focusing on his fitness business in Maine.

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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7 Responses

  1. Dawn Marie says:

    Glad he didn’t win after all….

  2. Daniel says:

    Damn, he had so much potential.

  3. mikey says:

    Does he even lift?

  4. bah says:

    Another stupid decision by the WWE. Pick the big guy with little talent over the the guy with the most talent…

  5. eddie says:

    Luke was using tough enough to get his name out there for his fitness business the whole time winner of tough enough should of been guy that has beat punk and daniel bryan.

  6. jayson says:

    Luke would have been a randy orton knock off and god knows we dont need another orton why is he so over anyways hea really not that entertaining.

  7. Cadre says:

    Obviously, didn’t have the passion to work… Otherwise would continue trying … In a few, no one will remember anyway.

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