HARDCORE JUSTICE: Devon vs. Kazarian (TV Title)

Aug 12, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Reported by Josh Boutwell of Wrestleview.com

TNA Television Championship
Devon (c) vs. Kazarian
Champion vs. Champion here as Kazarian is ½ of the Tag Team Champions. Kaz & Daniels successfully defended those belts against Devon & Garett this past Thursday. I believe this is Kaz’s first shot at the TV Title ever. Kaz tries to stall Devon but Devon slings him into the ring and nails him with a Corkscrew Elbow and then takes it to Kaz in the corner with right hands. Devon then hits a big Hip Toss and then whips him into the ropes and connects with a Flapjack. Devon whips Kaz hard into the corner and the momentum flips Kaz over the top and to the floor! Devon follows Kaz out and then he grabs a fans water bottle and nails Kaz with it! He does it a second time as a fan hands him another water bottle. Devon rolls back into the ring to break up the 10 count and then tries to whip Kaz into the ring steps but Kaz is able to leap onto it and almost slips (because of the water I would imagine). Kaz catches himself and then dives off the steps onto Devon but Devon catches him in midair and slams him on the floor! Back in the ring Kaz begs Devon off and apologizes for hitting him with the Title belt Thursday but Devon is having none of it and clotheslines him! Devon charges at Kaz in the corner but Kaz avoids him and hits a kick and then a jawbreaker onto the top rope followed by a clothesline! Kaz hits Devon with right hands and then puts him on the middle rope and stands on top of him! Devon fights back and bounces off the ropes but eats a big Back Elbow from Kaz for another nearfall. Kaz hits a Forearm Smash and then tries to whip Devon into the ropes but Devon reverses it only for Kaz to springboard off the ropes into a Back Elbow followed by a Springboard Guillotine Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! Kaz locks in a chinlock on Devon but Devon fights up to his feet and hits the ropes but eats a Back Heel Kick from Kaz! 1…2…NO Devon kicks out! Kazarian taunts Devon and puts the boots to him before mocking the crowd as well. Devon comes back with chops on Kaz but Kaz cuts him off with a poke to the eyes. Kaz then hits a roundhouse kick and forearms in the corner before talking trash to him and hitting another forearm! Devon fights back on Kaz again but this time Kaz springboards off the top but Devon ducks under him and when Kaz lands on the mat Devon Spears Kaz into oblivion! Both men are down! Devon nails Kaz with a clothesline and then a back elbow and another clothesline! Devon hits the ropes and connects with a big Shoulder Block and then a Neckbreaker! Devon follows up with a Diving Headbutt! Devon hits a Corner Splash and then another Shoulder Block! 1…2…NO Kaz kicks out! Devon picks Kaz up but eats a Jawbreaker out of nowhere from him! Kaz charges at Devon in the corner but Devon moves and Kaz springs to the top. Devon grabs Kaz and hits a Super Neckbreaker on Kaz! 1…2…NO Kaz still kicks out! Devon goes for a Rock Bottom but Kaz counters with a Crucifix Rollup! 1…2…NO Devon still kicks out! Kaz goes for the Fade 2 Black but Devon counters with a rollup. Kaz rolls through and Devon nails him with a Spinebuster! 1…2…3!
Winner & STILL TV Champ: Devon via pinfall (Spinebuster)

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