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Breakdown on how each WWE movie fared

note: number being in millions

Movie Total revenue Profit/Loss
See No Evil $7.1 -$2.9
The Marine $37.8 $15.1
The Condemned $10.9 -$6.5
Behind Enemy Lns $2.5 $0.2
12 Rounds $11.5 -$2.9
The Marine 2 $2.5 $0.9
Legendary $4.5 -$2.1
Knucklehead $4.3 -$4.1
The Chaperone $4.2 -$3.8
That’s What I Am $0.9 -$4.9
Inside Out $1.9 -$3.4
The Reunion $2.1 -$4.7
Bending the Rules $1.2 -$4.3

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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5 Responses

  1. bah says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of losses. Only three profitable movies? The WWE’s shareholders should be fuming at all these unnecessary waste of money…

  2. Science & Violence says:

    But these movies would get more ratingz than tna lolz!!!!11111

  3. -J- says:

    no one cares about wwe movies, wrong time for that with the piss poor state of the product.

  4. alex says:

    Box Office Mojo says See No Evil grossed >18 million dollars worldwide (with budget 8 million). Could you comment on that?

  5. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    13 movies overall Loss of 23 Million (39 loss , 16 profit) Thats actually not bad. If those movies spanned over 6 years time thats only a loss of 4 million per year for movies, but what majority of you do not realize is WWE movies creates more main stream advertising for the WWE. They Make multi millions off the advertising. Have a nice day!

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