8/11 ROH on Sinclair TV Recap

Aug 12, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We start things off with a recap of Kyle O’Reilly going his own way and turning his back on Davey Richards before Richards/Steen II at Best in the World.

Match #1: Kyle O’Reilly vs. Matt Taven
Kyle O’Reilly takes the mic from Bobby Cruise to make something clear. He says he did not tap out to Adam Cole at Best in the World, in fact, he was simply beating the blood back in to circulation of a pre-existing injury. He says he’d rather die than tap out to Adam Cole, and he has a thirst for blood now, and he’s going to take it out on Matt Taven.

We start off with Kyle shooting a quick and stiff elbow to Taven before hitting some kicks and whipping Taven in the corner. Taven does the up and over and hits a spinning heel kick and whips Kyle in the corner who up and overs but gets caught by a quick moonsault from Taven for two. O’Reilly whips Taven off the ropes and Taven does a back handspring and does a wheelbarrow armdrag which sends O’Reilly to the outside and allows Taven to hit a suicide dive. Taven riles up the crowd as both men return to the ring. Taven gets a head of steam toward O’Reilly in the corner, but Kyle vaults Matt over to the apron. Matt grabs Kyle for a suplex, but Kyle drops down and hangmans Matt on the ropes. Kyle whips off and hits a boot to the face of Matt and sends him to the outside and Kyle gets on the apron and runs off with the dropkick into the corner of the barricade and whips Matt in. Kyle goes up top and comes off with another missile dropkick for two and goes straight into the armbar. Matt struggles to the ropes and finally get there as Kyle breaks on 3. Kyle hits a kick to the leg of Matt and hammerlocks into a backbreaker for two. O’Reilly and Matt trade elbows in the center of the ring and Matt gets the upper hand, but Kyle battles back with a bevy of strikes that send Matt to the canvas. Kyle brings Matt back up and hits a series of armbreakers. Matt tries to battle back, but Kyle continues to wrench the arm until Matt hits an enzuigiri and balances Kyle on the ropes for a spinning neckbreaker for two. Matt brings Kyle back up and Kyle hits a stiff kick to the chest and Taven answers each kick with the chop until Kyle gets the upper hand with a discus punch for two. Kyle goes right to the backdrop driver for another two. Kyle rams Matt’s head in to the turnbuckle and sends Matt up top and goes up for the superplex, but Matt shoves Kyle off and soars for a frog splash but Kyle gets his knees up and goes right to the Fujiwara Armbar which gives Matt no choice but to tap out.
Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

We go to Nigel and Kevin. ROH hasn’t heard from Davey Richards since Best in the World, who they speculate is taking a step back to refocus after everything that’s happened to him. We go to commercial.

Match #2: “The Man Beast” Rhino w/ Truth Martini vs. Todd Sople
We start off with a slap to the face to Todd and starts dominating him with kicks and punches. Rhino whips the poor guy off and hits a lariat. Rhino brings Todd up and whips him in to the corner and hits a shoulder thrust followed by another. Rhino hits a belly to belly suplex as the crowd calls for it. Rhino crouches in the corner and connects with the GORE! GORE! GORE! For the three.
Winner: Rhino

After the match, Truth Martini grabs a microphone. He says in the House of Truth, there is love, there is trust and most importantly there is unity. He says he’s been hearing a lot of rumors because Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong work together perfectly, and they will be teaming up next.

When we return, we are treated to a recap of Adam Cole winning the TV Title from Roderick Strong.

Match #3: House of Truth (Roderick Strong & “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin) w/ Truth Martini vs. The Bravado Brothers (Lancelot & Harlem Bravado)
Elgin adheres to the Code of Honor despite protest from Truth Martini. Strong does not. We start things off with Roddy and Harlem. Elgin tags himself in and the two circle up. Roddy tags in again and locks up with Harlem and drives him to the corner before hitting some chops and elbows and whipping him off. Harlem does an up and over and hits an armdrag followed by an uppercut for one. Harlem with a chop and tags in Lance. They whip Roddy off and Lance goes under Roddy as Harlem hits a dropkick. Lance covers for two. Roddy hits a knee to the gut of Lance and drives his head in the corner followed by a chop and an elbow. Lance reverse a whip but Roddy does an up and over. Both men whip off and Lance hits a belly to belly suplex. Lance tags in Harlem and to do an atomic drop neckbreaker combo for two. Roddy hits a jawbreaker. Roddy tags Elgin who brings Harlem up to his shoulder but Harlem slides out and drives them in the corner. Elgin whips Harlem off and hits a huge body drop for two and then another two. Elgin with a stomp to the back of Harlem, Elgin goes for a powerbomb but Harlem counters with a back elbow. Harlem with a waist lock drives Elgin in the ropes and tags Lance. Harlem catches the boot and hands it off to Lance before hitting an enzuigiri. Lance goes for a German, but Elgin drives Lance in the corner and boots Harlem. Elgin brings Lance on his shoulders and then grabs Harlem and hits a Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam on both Bravados for two. Elgin goes for the powerbomb but Roddy tags back in and covers for two. Roddy hits an elbow to the face and chops Lance in the corner. Lance battles back but gets more elbows for his trouble. Roddy goes for a belly to back suplex but Lance gets out and tags Harlem. Harlem comes in like a house of fire on Roddy and whips him off for a chop but Roddy ducks it and eats a boot instead for two. Lance goes to the opposing corner and hits a running elbow followed by a suplex and then goes up top but misses the move and rolls out before hitting the hand off enzuigiri into the German for two. They go for a wheelbarrow reverse neckbreaker but Truth distracts and Roddy hits an elbow and goes to tag Elgin, but Elgin ignores it and Roddy gets rolled up for the three.
Winners: The Bravado Brothers

The two begin to argue again as we go to commercial.

Inside ROH: Last week saw the TV debut of The Guardians of Truth as they faced off against the Briscoes. The Briscoes said that what they did last week to them was a pile of horse manure. They say they’re going to blow the House of Truth down. There are heated debates as to who is the First Lady of ROH, Maria Kanellis or Sara Del Rey. We go to a recap of the final meeting between Lance Storm and Mike Bennett. Where Maria began to beat down Lance and Sara Del Rey & Eddie Edwards broke it up. Next week we have World Title action and an update on all the current controversies.

Main Event: S.C.U.M. (“Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen, “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs, Steve Corino) vs. Jay Lethal & All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King)
Steen offers the Code of Honor and does a weird hand shake and all three men start brawling. Rhett and Corino go to the outside as well as Kenny and Kevin. Inside the ring is Jimmy Jacobs and Jay Lethal. Jimmy Jacobs gets a head of steam but Lethal hits an armdrag and a cartwheel dropkick. Corino sends Jay to the outside and Rhett in with a Thesz Press. Rhett hits a back elbow to Corino and in comes Steen who sends Rhett out. Kenny King in and hits some punches and whips Kevin off but gets kicked in the face. Kenny hits a 540 kick to Steen and the three faces are in the ring as they all go to the outside to continue the brawl. Back in the ring are Corino and Rhett and Rhett hits a spinning Belly to Back suplex for two. Rhett snapmares Corino over for two. Tag to Kenny. Rhett with a powerslam and the hit the springboard legdrop/splash combo. Kenny with a suplex and rolls over for punches. Steen in who makes fun of the ref. Kenny tags Rhett who puts his boot up to meet the face of Corino. Rhett in with a diving shoulder block for two. Rhett locks in a headlock and transitions into a front chancery as Kenny gets tagged. King with a fist and whips Corino but it gets reverse and Kenny gets a Steen fist to the back as Corino hits a belly to back suplex. Jimmy Jacobs tags in now and rolls Kenny King over before hitting a flurry of punches as we go to commercial.

We return with Steen whipping Kenny off and driving his knee in to the gut of Kenny. Steen brings King up and drives his head in to the boot of Corino. Steen mocks Kenny who is crawling to his corner and gets rolled up. Kenny goes to the corner but Steen stops it and makes fun of the opposing team before bringing Kenny back to Steen’s corner and tags Jimmy for a double bite to the head. Jay comes in to break it up, but it only serves to distract the ref letting SCUM get away with more shenanigans. Corino is in now and chokes Kenny on the ropes. Steve whips Kenny in the corner but Kenny up and overs in to a pin for two. Kenny tags in Jay Lethal who is like a house of fire taking down all three members of SCUM. Jay whips Jimmy in to Steve but Jimmy stops, moving out of the way as Jay shoulder thrusts Steve and hits a combination Neckbreaker/DDT. Steen tags in and Jay ducks a lariat before diving out to take out Corino. The ANX double team Steen which allows Jay to hit Hail to the King. Corino is in and hits the Colby Shock to Jay. Rhett is in with a diving cutter to Steve and Jimmy hits a spear on Rhett but Jimmy gets taken out with a dropkick from Kenny. Kenny charges Steen but gets hit with the pop up powerbomb. Jay hits the Lethal Combination on Steen which sends all six men down. Jay back up sends Steen to the top and goes for the superplex but Jimmy tags in and brings Lethal down. Lethal calls for the Lethal Injection but Steve moves Jimmy out of the way and whips off and goes for a lariat that gets ducked, but Steve still gets the upper hand with a kick to the gut of Jay. Jimmy hits Sliced Bread Number Two as Corino hits a basement clothesline and Steen comes off the top with the diving senton for two. More brawling as Jacobs brings out the spike but gets kicked in the face by Jay and hits the Lethal Injection for the three.
Winners: Jay Lethal and ANX.

Steen comes in and takes out Jay and takes him outside and throws him in to the barricade. The ANX battle with Corino and Jacobs inside the ring, but Steen pulls Rhett Titus out and sends him in to the barricade allowing Corino and Jacobs to get the better of King. Steen sets up a chair in the ring as Corino suplexes King on the chair. Corino and Jacobs grab the Tag Team Titles and all three men hold belts in the air as ROH goes off the air.

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