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Look who turns 59 today, brother

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  1. raven12516 says:

    Can’t keep a brother down!

  2. scott cassulis says:

    happy birthday to wwe hall of famer and my number 1 favorite of all time the incredable hulk hogan

  3. Dr.D says:

    Yay. hes closer to death

  4. Mike says:

    Dr. D said it best. The day hogan dies 3 days later wrestling will come back out of the deep hole he put it in. (hole not to be confused with brooks snatch)

  5. Chris Epic says:

    Yes it’s Hogan’s fault WWE went PG…. god f’n marks

  6. Chris Epics daddy says:

    yeah cause hogan had nothing to do with the decline of TNA …. god f’n morons

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