Marty Jannetty: “I’m Already Ok!”

Aug 10, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Marty Jannetty posted on Facebook:

Ok, let me re-write what I just posted a short bit ago. Although I love & GREATLY appreciate all the well wishes & speedy recoverys “some’ of you commented with..maybe I misconveyed it, or maybe some dont know to click on the “see more” part written in blue, to see ALL the post..I”M ALREADY OK!!! I will repeat, I APPRECIATE and LOVE those of you who wished me well in recovery but the entire purpose of that post was that you see from comments made from promoters last week I’m fine, working in the ring fine..and, as said in the other post, anyone attending the Chikara show this Sunday in Reading, Pa. will not not only attest to the fact I’m good to go, but BLESSED that after 29 years of this pounding wrestlers task, I can still do it as well as when, I was ah lets say 35…and with the 300 shows a year I did the first 15 years of it,(its since then dropped off to 200 shows a year) and my style(or the Rockers style) high energy, high flying and lots…

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