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Velvet Sky posts “nerd” photos

Velvet Sky posted via Twitter:

“Nerd Alert” shoot with @LeeSouthPhoto

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19 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    HOT nerd.

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    Cute 😀

  3. Kerry says:

    She probably never went to college

  4. Max says:

    oh my :p

  5. Chris Williams says:

    Say what you want, but that is one sexy nerd!! I’d show her a new meaning to The Big Bang Theory!!

  6. cool arrow says:

    “Another fake blonde, orange, fake breasted bimbo for nerds to go crazy over because she posed with a game controller.”

    Maybe the color on my monitor is off, but she doesn’t look orange to me.

  7. cas says:

    just give me 3 and a half minutes…maybe even 4! so gorgeous!

  8. 50 shades of gay says:


  9. david r. says:

    @cas, nice Friday reference, and hell yea shes hot, but I’m sticking with my original sexy nerd, AJ Lee.

  10. steve jones says:

    Velvet Sky look cute as a nerd

  11. Amid Diking says:

    That’s not a nerd, that’s just a whore who’s wearing glasses

  12. Sean B says:

    Anyone else notice how these “sexy nerds” would never give real nerds the time of day? And may even go out of their way to humiliate them?

    Or did did I just have a crappy high school life…

  13. Deej says:

    You’re not a nerd. Just a slut who has found a pair of glasses 😉

  14. Steve says:


  15. dave says:

    So many misogynists. “She’s pretty, must be a whore”, “she exudes sexuality, definitely a slut”. Again, get a grip. Fans like this make me ashamed to like pro wrestling.

    She’s good looking, what’s the problem. If she’s not to your taste, she’s not a whore. Morons.

  16. Mr. Black says:


  17. -J- says:

    lmao @ Deej

  18. Iron Sheik says:

    I give it to her the old country way.

  19. Sheiks Unite says:

    put her in camel clutch!

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