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Justin Credible to work with WWE

Credible via Twitter:

I come home and see WWE on my call id. Things are really starting to look up

mark carrano called for work on wwe network. Im super exicited. it just makes me happy to be thought of and to be a part of the company on any capacity

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  1. Just a Dude says:

    Wrestling rehab with Dr Drew.

  2. Hipnosis says:


  3. ruben says:

    one of the few remaining guys thats still alive so yeah. Dont think much of it Justin

  4. Boogeyman says:

    I wonder if wwe actually came up on his caller id?

  5. Common Cents says:

    People still use land lines, now THAT’S……INCREDIBLE!

  6. twiz says:

    its good to be in the klig I guess

  7. SSE Hitman says:

    Lance Storm was busy

  8. Dick Hertz says:

    Guess it beats the snot outta stocking shelves @ Target!!!

  9. Drew says:

    Congrats, Justin!

  10. Kerry says:

    WWE Sober House lol

  11. Nick says:

    Good for him as long as it doesn’t stop Aldo Montoya’s appearance at King of Trios.

  12. DBRude says:

    “The Portuguese Man-O-War” vs. “The Man without a face,” Sin Cara!

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