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Update on King Mo’s TNA status

Former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion King Mo is currently scheduled to go to Louisville (Ohio Valley Wrestling) starting on around 9/1 to start his pro wrestling training. They want him on the air ready to go in October, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. KP says:

    Wow, he’ll do a month of training and then be on air? That’s just stupid. He also said he wants to be the first wrestler to be a one man tag team and hold the titles, I hope that doesn’t happen.

    I get the feeling this’ll end badly.

  2. MC Live says:

    One month? Really? Guys spend YEARS tryin to get a break and this guy is suppose to wrestle after one month? That’s why I don’t watch them. I cant

  3. Nick says:

    Keep in mind if they will want him to work an MMA based style almost certainly, so he really just needs to learn how to bump and how not to rip someone’s arm out of the socket/break their nose.

    As long as bumping isn’t a problem for him, he should be able to get the basics down in a month. He probably won’t be great, but he can at least work an occasional TV/PPV match.

  4. Hey says:


    Matt Morgan already was a tag team champion by himself.

  5. ironFNmaiden says:

    @ kp

    that happens a lot lol

  6. echo says:

    @kp so was Kurt Angle and I think Samoa Joe.

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