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Jim Ross comments on the Nash Guerrero-Benoit comment

Jim Ross added his two cents:

“I’m an old-school guy who thinks that wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes and that the final, final decree on how well said talents produce is ultimately left up to the consumer aka the fans. Nash is a brilliant guy…love him or hate him. He’s a survivor and by any means necessary which at times doesn’t sit well with some people… No, I don’t agree with Kevin on his smaller wrestlers theory as I like all that have true talent. But, I do defend his right to express himself and chuckle at the ability that he has to manipulate fans and peers alike in 140 characters or less.”

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  1. xyu says:

    Good ol’ JR said it just about right.

  2. Daniel says:

    I took less about the size of the guys away from Nash’s comments than I did about how putting two of the best talents ever to enter a ring, in the same ring at an event as historic as Wrestlemania 20 was the end of an era.

  3. Drew says:

    Boomer Sooner, JR!

  4. Chris Epic says:

    Only problem is, is that Nash disrespected Eddie & he disrespected Chris’ on ring legacy. Work or not it’s like Orton saying Eddie is in hell

  5. -J- says:

    Eddie is STILL better than Nash, to this day.

  6. Philip says:

    Nash doesn’t like anything or anyone that doesn’t get him a paycheck. He didn’t like Eddie G. or Chris B. in WCW, I thought guys like Nash is one of the reasons they left in the first place. why would he suddenly like and respect them now?

  7. Gweedo says:

    Nash is a piece…to disrespect two legends like that who far outperformed him is a joke…

  8. Joe says:

    JR can call it manipulating fans, I think everyone else will still call it saying something incredibly ignorant.

  9. MulkeyMania says:

    A bad Benoit or Eddie match (if such a thing exists) is still better than the best match of Kevin Nash’s career (if such a thing exists).

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