Aug 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Results courtesy of Jacob Gamron:

Smackdown starts with Booker T coming out and asks Sheamus to come out and apologize for taking Alberto Del Rio’s car on Raw. Sheamus apologized and Del Rio is out, says he filed a police report with San Antonio Police department. So Sheamus proposes a World title match for tonight.

Del Rio vs Sheamus happens tonight

Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes. Sin Cara wins after an inside cradle while Cody was trying to take off Sin Cara’s mask

Antonio Cesaro vs Christian
Christian wins after a spear. Cesaro attacks Christian after the match and does a running slam into the barricade.

Jack Swagger vs Randy Orton. Orton wins by RKO

Jinder Mahal vs 2 jobbers (names were not even announced) Mahal wins by camel clutch, then does a double camel clutch then Ryback comes out for the save and then he hits his finisher on both

Highlight Reel with Y2J and Vicki Guerrero Vicki comes out and speaks on behalf of Ziggler they challenge Jericho to a match at Summerslam. He accepts Ziggler and attacks Jericho.

First out the tag team champs R-Truth and Kofi
Prime Time Players vs Primo and Epico in a #1 contenders match Prime Time Players by DQ when Kofi and R-Truth attack AW and Titus O’Neil

Rey Mysterio vs The Miz. Rey wins after the Miz blocked a 619 and then Rey rolled up him up after countering the Skull Crushing Finale

Miz stages a sit in and Triple H comes out and hits the Pedigree. This is for the crowd only, won’t be shown on TV

Segment with Daniel Bryan AJ Lee and Kane

Del Rio vs Sheamus
Police came out as the match began and Sheamus attacked them all. He attacked Del Rio and the the police got him. Show ends with Del Rio with the cross armbreaker on Sheamus

** Keep checking back for live updates

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