8/4 ROH on Sinclair TV Recap

Aug 7, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Ring of Honor Wrestling Recap
By Cody A. Springer

We start off with a recap of Guardians of Truth vs. The Briscoes from Best in the World in which The Briscoes took down the unknown newcomers, but in the end, the Guardians had the last laugh.

Truth Martini makes his way out to the ring. He says it’s time to change the face of wrestling with the faceless, and brings out Guardians of Truth. The Briscoes make their way out for our first match.

Match #1: The Briscoes vs. The Guardians of Truth w/ Truth Martini
Martini teases pulling off the masks only to reveal they have masks on underneath them. We start off with number one and Jay as number two comes in and they begin the double team ending with a flying clothesline off the top. Number one distracts the ref and Mark as Number Two chokes Jay on the ropes and tags in. Number two whips Jay off the ropes and hits him with a powerslam for two. Mark tags in and hits a huge dropkick on number two as Number one tries to come in to help, but Sinclair blocks him off. Mark whips Number two in to the corner and Mark hits a clothesline followed by a bulldog and covers for two. Tag to Jay and both Briscoes whip number two off and hit a double shoulder tackle. Number one comes in and gets some Redneck Kung Fu and a one armed spinebuster. Number two goes back in and reverses a powerslam that sends Mark to the apron. Number one distracts Mark as number two knocks him off. Number one whips Mark in the barricade as we go to commercial.

We return with number one hitting an elbow on Mark for two. Mark gets whipped to the outside where Two begins to work on him. They bring Mark back in the ring as One hits a springboard clothesline on the apron. They both lift Mark up and he lands chest first on the apron. The Guardians continue to work on Mark as they set him up on the guard rail in a wheelbarrow position as the other comes down with an axehandle across the chest. One tags in two as they both stomp on Mark. Two hits a snapmare on Mark into a rear chinlock. Mark battles out and whips off hopping over two before getting flipped over and landing on his feet to tag in Jay who’s in like a House of Fire. He knocks down Two with a dropkick, and sends One out of the ring before Mark hits a dropkick landing on the apron. Jay hits a Death Valley Driver to Two as Mark comes down for Froggy Bow for two. They call for the Doomsday Device, but one is in as Martini brings down Mark. The Guardians go for a double suplex, but Mark comes back in and takes out one as two gets rolled up for the three.
Winners: The Briscoes

After the match, the two teams continue to brawl, but out come Rhino and Roderick Strong to send things in the favor of the House of Truth. Michael Elgin makes his way down, but thinks better of it, not joining his fellow House mates. Finally, out come Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, Coleman and Alexander to even things up and run off the House.

We return with comments from Kevin Steen and Jimmy Jacobs. Steen says he and Kingston were a lot alike, like the fact that they were both run out of ROH for not fitting the mold, and even though he gave Kingston a chance to join him, he decided to be a hypocrite, because he tried to conform rather than make them pay for all they did to them, and in Providence, he’s going send him packing back to New York so he can cry to his fake family.

We return to the ring where Kevin Kelly brings out Eddie Kingston. Kevin says he has one question: What does redemption mean to him? Redemption to him is being the ROH World Champion. He tells Kevin Kelly to leave the ring, and says for ten long years, he’s struggled to be World Champion, he’s hurt everybody in his family including women he loved to chase the dream of being World Champion, and on August 11, he will have that opportunity. For ten years he’s laid awake in bed wondering why he does this for a living, and after that, he’s going to take that belt and show it to his parents who questioned him, and show it to his ex-wife and say he loves her still, but this is why he left her. But most importantly, he’s doing it for two people, Larry Sweeney who died without becoming a World Champion, who Eddie considers his brother, and the most important, his son who he will say to that it doesn’t matter what you go through, if you fight hard enough, you can accomplish your dream. So on August 11, he will go through hell and spit in Satan’s face to become World Champion. We go to commercial.

Inside ROH: This are headed toward a Boiling Point this week Inside Ring of Honor. There was collusion between The House of Truth and The Embassy to keep the TV Title around the waist of Roderick Strong, and last week, we don’t know what role RD Evans played in the deal, but Prince Nana became the fall guy. We go to last week where Tomasso Ciampa laid out Prince Nana for what happened at Best in the World. RD Evans is still on good terms with Tomasso Ciampa and will continue to represent Ciampa going forward. We then go to a recap of what happened last week between Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team and the All Night Express, which led to the suspension of Shelton Benjamin for taking extreme measures against Rhett and Kenny. Last week as well, we saw the crowning of a new TV Champion, Adam Cole. At Boiling Point, we see Eddie Kingston vs. Kevin Steen for the ROH World Championship, The Briscoes face All Night Express, Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Rey vs. Mike Bennett & Maria, Charlie Haas faces Michael Elgin, Tomasso Ciampa gets his rematch against Jay Lethal, and next week, we see Kevin Steen, Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino take on Jay Lethal and The All Night Express.

Main Event: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/ Brutal Bob Evans & Maria Kanellis vs. Lance Storm
Both men pie face each other before locking up. Lance sends Bennett in to the corner and Lance breaks at the count of four. Another lock up, and this time Mike takes Lance over with an arm wringer, but Lance rolls out and gets one of his own in, and slams the arm down, before sitting out on it and driving Mike’s face into the turnbuckle before hitting an uppercut. Bennett reverses a whip and hits a back elbow before sending Lance into the corner with some knees, but Lance Battles back with chops and elbows. Lance whips Mike off but Mike hooks the rope and boots Lance in the gut, going for a sunset flip, but Lance reverses it to go for the Half Crab, but Bennett gets out and rolls out of the ring. Lance goes out after him and rolls him in, before hitting a vertical suplex for two. Lance brings Mike back up but Mike boots Lance in the gut and hits a powerslam followed by an elbow for two. Lance hits a jawbreaker followed by a dropkick for two. Lance hits a bionic elbow on Mike, followed by a fist. Mike boots Lance in the gut and sends him in the corner before whipping him into the other and charges, but eats the corner. Lance with a boot to the gut of a laying Mike, followed by elbow drops and a cover. Lance levels Mike in the back with a forearm, and goes for a DDT but Mike drives Lance in the corner, and then takes the wind out of Lance with some shoulder thrusts. Mike whips Lance off and goes for a dropkick, but Lance hooks the ropes and rolls Mike up for two. Lance drives Mike’s head in the turnbuckle, and Mike sends Lance out to the apron and charges him but gets a shoulder to the midsection. Lance goes to suplex Mike to the floor, but Mike lands on the apron and the two battle on the apron. Mike then rakes the eyes of Lance and sends him tumbling in to the guard rail before coming off the apron with a clothesline for good measure. We go to commercial.

We return and see Lance getting the upper hand but eats a dropkick from Mike for two. Mike brings Lance up and hits a belly to back suplex for two. Mike locks in a rear chin lock as the crowd looks to rile Lance back up. He fights to his feet, but Mike sends him shoulder first to the ring post. Mike hops out of the ring and grabs Lance’s arm before slamming it against the ring post, returning to the apron and booting the arm against the post and then slamming it down on the apron. Both men return to the center of the ring and Mike covers for two. Mike with another chin lock but Lance battles out and whips Mike off the ropes and ducks down but gets hit with an armbreaker from Bennett for two. Mike then stomps on the left arm as he begins to focus on it. Lance chops Mike in the chest as he tries to fight back. Both men battle in the ring before Bennett goes for a suplex but Lance reverses it in to a roll up for two. Bennett takes Lance down with a clothesline but covers for two. Mike wrenches Lance’s left arm against his knee, as Lance gets back to his feet and both men battle. Lance with a back kick gets answered with a forearm to the back. Lance hits an enzuigiri and then covers for two. Lance goes to the apron and Mike drives Lance’s head in to the turnbuckle and then does it again. Mike goes to the apron and sets up for a suplex, but Lance battles out of it and sends Mike back in to the ring with a clothesline. Lance vaults over the ropes but lands on nothing but mat and Mike covers for two. Both men battle on their knees, eventually returning to their feet. Lance whips Mike off and hits a clothesline followed by a leg lariat for two. Lance whips Mike in to the turnbuckle and sends him out before hitting a springboard clothesline for two. Lance brings Mike back to his feet and eats a right hand. Mike rolls up Lance, for two and catches the leg of Lance, ducking an enzuigiri and locking in Lance’s own half crab. Lance reverses out of it and hits Mike’s Box Office Smash for two. Lance calls for the end and brings Mike to his shoulders for the TKO, Mike reverses it for the Photo Finish, but Lance reverses out of it in to the half crab. Mike gets to the ropes as Lance’s arm is too weak to lock it in fully. Lance brings Mike up for a superplex, but Brutal Bob prevents it, letting Mike hit a neckbreaker from the turnbuckle. Lance goes for the Photo Finish as Maria hops on the apron and Bob slides in a chair. Mike hits the Photo Finish on the chair and slides it out for the three.
Winner: Mike Bennett

After the match, Maria takes her boot and drives it in to the forehead of the man who trained her. Sara Del Rey makes her way out and takes out Maria as Eddie Edwards also comes out and drive Bennett, Bob and Maria out of the ring before they check on Lance as we go off the air.

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