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Updated TNA Hardcore Justice PPV Card

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  1. ironFNmaiden says:

    This card has waaaay too many fatal fourway matches… about instead of just tryin to get as much talent on the screen in a crowded match, you instead break them up, develop good rivalries for me to car about….these matches will suck i’m sorry.

  2. Bob Barker says:

    I’m actually quite excited for it. It has a BFG focus, 1 great feud match (Aries vs Roode), great x-devision talent and 3 titles are on the line. The thing that really sells it for me is because it’s not too predictable either. The Chavo-4way could have been reduced to a one-on-one though..

  3. jayson says:

    Or they can put the guys like the x division guys on full time and not Deangelo dinero who sucks big time and if they really want to get over as a company get some structure and better writers for thw shows.

  4. Kel says:

    This is a GREAT card. Not one bad filler match outside of maybe the Chavo one. TNA usually delivers great PPVs.

    @jayson – TNA have been better structured and better written since Russo left. Thanks to Dave Lagana. Start paying attention, kid.

  5. cold says:

    This is a Very Creative Card,

    even WWE Marks Can’t complain about a few 4 way matches, WWE has 3 or 4 PPV that are themed around 4,5,6,…10 Way matches

    and it only has a small trace of WCW on it (Chavo & AJ)

  6. Big Hoss Daddy says:

    First off, the Chavo match is a tag team match not a four way. Also you Haters complained when it was Hogan, sting, Flair, Nash, and all the ex WWE talent. Now they are pushing younger talent and guess what…… still complain. Aries vs Roods is gonna be insane. Also Aj, Joe, Daniels (unbreakable) and add Angle….sick

  7. Gweedo says:

    Better than summerslam’s card sorry wwe

  8. Con Cara says:

    Why do TNA fans always have to bring WWE into these for no reason? Right away it’s “WWE marks” this and “Better than WWE!”. Grow up. And better than Summerslam’s card? HJ’s full card was announced, Summerslam has only 3 matches so far, seriously, just stop already.

  9. rich nyce says:

    An with just those 3 cards its alredy better then hcj. Comon now CENA vs bigshow v punk wwe title delrio v sheamus felllllaaa 4 world title an hhh v lesnar I pay the 50$ just 2 watch that ovr hcj ull most likely also c y2j v ziggler an kane v brian plus a tag match an rybak comon sonn

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