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Video: Dana White responds to Vince’s comments on UFC Ratings

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  1. says:

    On paper, yes they are two completely different businesses.

    However look at the history. Wrestling was once UFC, and then the parties involved figured they could make more money by fixing matches. It became a con job, that once the con was revealed to everyone people still showed up at the arenas cause it was plain fun to watch.

    It’s rather said Dana’s that niave about wrestling, especially since his MMA company is influencing the way the guys perform these days.

    Remember The Rock doing that lift the hand spot that we hadn’t seen in decades? No one does that anymore because of MMA, it’s not believable.

  2. Dizzlow says:

    Well one would have to think that in some way that the ufc and wwe do cover some of the same base viewership. Sure one is real and one is fake. Consider the simularities. Two different companys, sharing alot of the same fan base, And the fans the UFC has that WWE has would be, assumingly, equal to the fans WWE has the UFC doesn’t. I like both of them myself, and many people I know are both fans of each organization. Now as for Vince taking a shot at the tv ratings, Lets face it, the weekly shows that UFC put on are like watching the lower card talent of the WWE. Like watching NXT, sure, some of it might be good, but its just guys making names for them self, and untill they are decent, or at least decent enough, they wont go to a raw or smackdown, or in UFC’s case, a PPV card. With that said, how are WWE’s PPV buys compared to UFC’s. UFC’s PPV’s are kinda like, say… Cena, Orton, HHH, and all the top talent, were to only appear between 1 and 4 times a year to face someone with in the same league. So WWE has a good weekly rating, while UFC has a great PPV buy rate.

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