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This Day In Wrestling History – August 3rd‏


1997 – Kensuke Sasaki wins the NJPW G1 Climax Tournament, defeating Hiroyoshi Tenzan in the final

2008 – KAI wins the AJPW Junior League, defeating Silver King in the final


In 1997, WWF Summerslam was held in East Rutherford, New Jersey and saw the final appearance of Todd Pettengill and the first of his replacement, Michael Cole. It also featured the match in which Steve Austin’s neck was broken, an injury which eventually led to his in-ring retirement

– Mankind defeats Hunter Hearst Helmsley in a Cage Match
– Goldust defeats Brian Pillman, forcing Pillman to wear Marlena’s dress until he next won a match
– The British Bulldog defeats Ken Shamrock by DQ to retain the WWF European Title
– Steve Austin defeats Owen Hart to win the WWF Intercontinental Title
– Bret Hart defeats The Undertaker with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee to win the WWF Title

In 2002, New Japan Pro Wrestling held an untitled PPV in Osaka, Japan

– Hiroyoshi Tenzan defeats Yutaka Yoshie
– Osamu Nishimura fought Manabu Nakanishi to a time-limit draw
– Yuji Nagata defeats Masa Chono
– Kensuke Sasaki defeats Yoshihiro Takayama

Title Changes

1987 – Shane Douglas defeats Eddie Gilbert to win the UWF Television Title

1996 – The Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa Saed) defeat The Eliminators (Kronus & Saturn) to win the ECW Tag Team Titles

2002 – Bradshaw defeats Tommy Dreamer to win the WWE Hardcore Title, but would lose it back to Dreamer later in the night


Today would have been the birthday of former WWWF Tag Team Champion Haystacks Calhoun (78)

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5 Responses

  1. Jake Allen says:

    Some superfluous info regarding SummerSlam ’97

    -Bret Hart tied Hulk Hogan’s then record reign of the most World title championships held at five times

    -This was Bret’s final reign as a world champion within the WWF/E

    -Every Hart Foundation match had a stipulation: Bulldog would eat a can of dog food if he lost the title; Austin would kiss Owen’s bare ass if he lost the match; Bret would retire and never wrestle in the United States again if he lost.

    -(I think) this is the last ppv where the original three divas, Sunny/Sable/Marlena, would all appear on the same ppv.

  2. CMBurnham says:

    According to my info, today would have been the 87th birthday of Karl Gotch.

  3. Jamie says:

    @CM – thanks, I had conflicting sources on that one, but you tend to be correct about these things!

    @Jake – thanks for filling in the gaps. I couldn’t decide whether to include that info, but decided against it to keep the column short. Maybe I should include it next time round

  4. Ben says:

    apparently its the birthday of the legendary Tom Tenkins too

  5. Ben says:

    and Damien Sandow’s birthday too

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