Former WWE diva responds to claim of stiffing Kamala

Aug 3, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Former ECW and WWE diva Dawn Marie, responded to criticism (including from The Blue Meanie), that her Wrestler’s Rescue charity had not given any money to former WWE superstar Kamala to help play for his recent operation as previously claimed.

Dawn Marie via Twitter:

Received my check from Kamala today certified mail. That means he did receive money from me but opted not to accept it. More news to come

Dawn Marie also responded to Brian Heffron (Blue Meanie):

“Hey Brian United states post office does not lie. Look where are the stamps came from And look where it says Sorry we missed you. You’re just trying to get back on the map aren’t you brian. Use whatever publicity you can. I’m tweeting about to my 600,000 followers lol”

Heffron followed on Facebook:

This is basically all we talked about yesterday. Along with their “proof” they took to attacking Kamala for his condition and attacking me because some how I need “PR” and because I don’t have as many Twitter followers. HAhaha! Wow. Welcome back to high school folks. They continue to show they have no class.

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