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Vince McMahon says Raw and Smackdown are variety shows

Vince McMahon categorizes ‘Raw’ and ‘Smackdown’ as variety shows that happen to have wrestling in the ring, at today’s conference call.

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  1. Bobby B says:

    Wrestling is dead. It is even dying in Mexico and Japan and that says something. It was almost like a religion in those places. All that is left right now is the rotting shell of the wrestling business. Wrestling just isn’t popular anymore and it is not creating stars. I don’t mean it is not Monday night wars hot, I mean it is not even remotely popular. It is the least popular it has ever been in my lifetime. Only one show draws and that is Wrestlemania. Everything else is lower than it was for REGIONAL promotions in the 1980’s. When i say stars I don’t mean not producing Austins or Rocks, I mean it is not producing ANY stars. No offense to guys like CM Punk, but he’s not even Ricky Steamboat, who was a MIDCARDER in the old WWF.

    There is no solution, and no hope either. TNA is just never going to be anything but a third rate company because something is missing. Nobody even cares. I am not into mystical B.S. but it really seems like there is no energy about the company. WWE is trapped in the clutches of a now aging and delusional madman who decided a long time ago that he wasn’t in the professional wrestling business, even though back in the real world, he always has been. He may just be content to continue to live in his own world and let the company go down with him.

    The future of wrestling in 20 years is likely to be a WWE that continues to evolve into some kind traveling entertainment show like the Ice Capades were. Which was more like a skating amusement park than serious exhibition of athletic skating. The rest will be bingo hall and armory shows for the minority of fans who even remember and want wrestling.

  2. says:

    wrestling isn’t dead. It’s evolving.

    Those of us that want real wrestling will always have it so long as there is a money to be made on it.

  3. ted says:

    Just go on youtube and check out the slow degradation in the crowd size and reaction over the last few years. The PG era has driven most of the old school fans who are the more passionate – the crowds are now mostly full of kids who will probably not care in a few years. I used to catch every single show, this days i only watch the occasional big ppv.

    WWE will take a long time to ‘die’ but i can see the shows getting smaller and smaller until they are where TNA is now. Sad.

  4. M.J. Wright says:

    -ted has a point to some degree because the fans who used to watch the hardcore stuff have moved on to something else ..MMA. Their you can can see blood,fisticuffs, and some wresting without all the storylines and drama. I personally haven’t been to a live WWE event since RVD lost the ECW title to Big Show in Philly on July 4th years ago!! I haven’t ordered a PPV since WrestleMania 27 and that was the only PPV is was ordering since the second WWE-CW PPV years ago. Sorry Im not paying $125 to sit in 5th row at a RAW or Smackdown or $45.00 a month for a PPV which can be a glorified TV show! Ill watch it for free at home!

  5. deathedge says:

    Vince would be willing to change the product if he knew he had too. Face it though, he knows he doesn’t. There is no one else to really turn too (ROH is still much too small, TNA is on such a small time network that even if they DID become a threat, the ratings would still likely never catch up, and even then they’ve screwed up so many times that you have to wonder if they won’t do it again) and a vast majority of wrestling fans will still watch the product out of, if nothing else, hope that the product will get better. Merch sales stay up high thanks to little kids and Mania attendence and buyrates will continue to be much higher then your average sport/PPV event. I highly doubt HHH and Steph will “save” the company. Hell, Steph is a big part of an issue in the product right now (social media and an overdependence on it).

    The best bet, in all honesty, would be to support TNA, hope they don’t screw up, and then hope one day they can get onto a bigger network.

  6. AJ Starr says:

    The main issue is, most other companies try to copy how WWE works in hopes they will grow in popularity.

    It would take a small group of writers with half a brain between them to get wrestling interesting again. You take a face, and a heel, and you make an INTERESTING story between the two.

    Look at Punk… ENDLESS possibilities with him right now, and they could do things with him no one ever thought of. The position of being “the ignored Champion” could trigger feuds and rivalries unseen before. You have Cena, Dolph, Jericho, Kane… so many that could work into this with Punk for allies and rivals.

    BUT…. all that’s going to happen is Punk will cut promos on being ignored, they’ll tease him cheating a few times in him trying to be “the good guy” in all this, then turn him full blown heel and do stupid garbage with him.

    Yes, wrestling is evolving, but not one major or regional company is actually working with that. They are all about either staying old school, or doing idiot angles that will never work.

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