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More Hardcore Justice PPV matches announced

Via Dixie Carter:

Second BFG Series match at Hardcore Justice August 12th on PPV will feature Bully Ray vs James Storm vs Jeff Hardy vs Robbie E!

The Third BFG Series match at Hardcore Justice will be Rob Van Dam vs Magnus vs Mr. Anderson vs the Pope!

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  1. Philly Phil says:

    I think it would have been better to have Jeff v RVD v Mr. Anderson vs James Storm then Robbie E vs Bully Ray vs Magnus vs The Pope! I mean you start the show of with the “drinks” of the Series (Robbie E, Magnus, Bully Ray and Pope) then you give us the “appetizers” (Storm, Hardy, Anderson, RVD) and then feed us MORE! With the main course: AJ vs CD vs Angle vs Joe… that match alone if given the time and in the right spot on the card is worth the whole ppv alone! I can’t wait this will be a EPIC match!!!

  2. eddie says:

    Phil is they but all top guys in one match would kill the bfg series. Besides that I don’t wanna see anderson, hardy, rvd in on match right now been done way to much lately I would of switch Robbie E and angle

  3. Ian says:

    Bully Ray’s match is now a tables match.

    The other one is falls count anywhere.

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