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Charlie Haas enters the ROH tag team tournament


Since the announcement of the Tag Tournament for the vacant ROH World Tag Team Championships that starts tomorrow night in Baltimore, former champion Charlie Haas has been pressuring ROH officials to enter he and Shelton Benjamin into the tournament.

Given Haas & Benjamin’s tag team accolades this would normally be a no-brainer. However, as seen on the latest episode of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Shelton Benjamin acted absolutely unprofessional in the ring by attacking, with chair in hand, various ROH officials and staff including Senior Official Todd Sinclair, not to mention his assault on Rhett Titus with that chair.

This unacceptable behavior continued in the locker room area when Shelton put his hands on a member of the production team but unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for Shelton, the cameras were not rolling to catch it. So as a result of all of this incidents, as well as previous events in the same vein, ROH officials quietly suspended Benjamin soon after but the news is just being made public TODAY.

Obviously as a result of this suspension, WGTT cannot enter the tournament as Shelton Benjamin will not return to ROH until sometime in September. Still, this ruling was not sufficient to quell Charlie Haas’ anger and insistence.

After the announcement that Rhett Titus was receiving a spot in the tournament alongside a mystery partner, Haas politicked to get the same treatment. Haas’ argument was quite credible given his recent tag title reign, his standing as a 2-Time Former champion, and his overall tag team record.

Therefore ROH officials have ruled that Charlie Haas will also be entered into the Tag Title Tournament with a mystery partner but just like Titus, it is unknown whether ROH officials will pick the partner or if Haas himself will get to choose.

Haas views the tournament as…garbage (not his exact word)…but happily accepted the spot…

“It is absolute s*** that I have to compete in this tournament.” Haas told, “If you ask me, those belts should default back to the team that had them before ANX was stripped but I guess ROH officials don’t see things the same as me. So fine, if that’s how you want it, maybe I’ll just single handedly humiliate Ring of Honor’s entire tag team division by taking some jackoff out of the crowd, make him my partner, and still win the tag titles for the third time. This is my tournament to win and if or when I cross paths with Titus, or with The Briscoes, you know all hell is going to break loose.”

The ROH World Tag Title Tourney begins tomorrow night in Baltimore when we return to The Du Burns Arena for another round of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings and continues at “Death Before Dishonor X” in Chicago Ridge on September 15th.

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  1. patrick fleming says:

    So Cornette is gonna go with the ol’ partners who don’t get along angle here, forcing Haas and Titus to team up, win the belts and then have to defend them together while hating each other ala Chris Candido and Lance Storm in ECW…Hopefully they don’t go all the way here, I don’t see Haas and Titus getting over as champs.

  2. Ian says:

    I dont think Titus and Haas will be partners as they are both entered with mystery partners and it would leave an empty spot in the tournament, but who knows…I’m waiting for the mystery masked man that “isn’t” Shelton Benjamin even thought everyone KNOWS its him…that hasnt been done for awhile.

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