8/1 OVW TV Report

Aug 2, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV report for August 1st, 2012, with an air date in Louisville of August 4th. This was the “Go home” show for the August 4th Saturday Night Special which features “Smooth” Johnny Spade defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Jamin Olivencia, and the finals of the Nightmare Cup tag team tournament.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed and Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 140. Speaking of Gilbert Corsey, it was announced that he has won three, count ’em, three Emmy’s for his work at Fox 41, WDRB in Louisville. Corsey works there as the 4 PM anchor man. One of the stories Corsey won an Emmy for was on OVW’s one legged Iraq war hero, Michael Hayes.

Surprisingly, WWE Classics on Demand now has an OVW match from 2002 on it. Badd Dogg(Rodney Mack) vs Shelton Benjamin in a dog collar match, with Jim Cornette and Dean Hill on the call.

Jamin Olivencia and Dylan Bostic were on RAW from Cincinnati Monday night wearing the while lab coats in a Daniel Bryan segment.

Alex Silva is back at OVW, which of course means he is back in the country. Does that mean he will finally resurface in TNA soon?? Who the Hell knows!

I’m going to be cutting back greatly on the content/detail of these reports. It’s just due to time, I sadly don’t have it with my crazy schedule, and it’s taxing on me to try to manufacture it. So I’m going to give results and brief notes, and try that. Hopefully I can handle that, if not, I’ll have to just give up on doing the reports, which sucks, but is just reality. These new episodes can always be seen on www.ovwrestling.com starting every Thursday evening.

This was a strange night here. Someone must have had a plane to catch or something because the show started early, just after 7. It’s supposed to start at 7:15, but it’s usually closer to 7:30, and then the TV taping started shortly thereafter, and was over with early as well.

Ricky Chevy came out and cut a dark promo on The Assassin and Trailer Park Trash. The Assassin came from under the ring and grabbed Chevy’s leg, and in doing so, accidentally pulled both his pants AND his underwear down. Yes you read that correctly. For a brief moment Chevy was totally debriefed and exposed, for all of a stunned Davis Arena to see. Wow, that got this show off to quite a start…..

1. Rob Terry beat Raphael Constantine

Dark match. Easy win for Terry. Constantine brought some kind of a book to the ring with him, and at one point Rob Terry read aloud from the book while he beat on Constantine.

The TV taping then abruptly started with a backstage video of The Mobile Homers making an empty beer can mountain. Jamin Olivencia barged in looking for Johnny Spade. Olivencia then left and slammed the door, causing the beer can mountain to crumble.

2. Michael Hayes & James “Moose” Thomas beat The Best Team Ever(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz) in a Nightmare Cup semi-final match

This one went awhile. The finish saw Switchblade get pinned after a double team move by Moose and Hayes. So the finals of the Nightmare Cup this Saturday is now oddly a babyface vs babyface match of Moose & Hayes vs The Mobile Homers.

3. Epiphany beat Scarlet

Not sure if I have the name right for “Scarlet” or not. She’s a cute strawberry blonde doing a crazy chick gimmick. Looks like she’s had decent training. Epiphany won it with a twisting suplex in front of a dead crowd.

Next came a long segment where Mo Green came out in a suit doing a Gilbert Corsey impression. Green brought out Chris Silvio, who was doing a Cliff Compton impression, and Mary Jane the Hula Hoop Girl was doing an impression of Cherry, but she was not wearing roller skates. Later in the segment Raphael Constantine came out doing a Chris Silvio impression. This was all for Chris Silvio, the real one, facing off against the real Cliff Compton this Saturday.

Jamin Olivencia finally came out to end the impression madness. Johnny Spade came out, and other babyfaces and refs came out to separate them. Trailer Park Trash, with his sad assistant Josette Bynum, came out. TPT ruled that the main event tonight will be Spade vs Olivencia in a non title match as a preview for their OVW title match this Saturday.

4. Randy Royal beat Eddie Diamond w/Johnny Danger

Royal beat Diamond pretty quickly, and then all of Bolin Services ran out and attacked Royal for some comments Royal made about Prince Bolin on Twitter. Bolin then announced that it will be Royal vs BS 2.0 member Rocco Bellagio this Saturday.

There was a backstage segment where Michael Hayes & James “Moose” Thomas wished The Mobile Homers luck in their Nightmare Cup finals match against them this Saturday. The Mobile Homers were having a spirited contest to see who could make the loudest armpit noises. This whole Nightmare Cup tourney has been pretty lousy, and I would also argue that nobody gives a fat rats ass about a trophy in 2012.

Next was supposed to be Tony Gunn defending the OVW TV title against Ryan Howe, but it never got started. Howe again played rock-n-roll guitar, but has big time technical difficulties with it tonight. Gunn’s music played twice, but no Tony Gunn. Finally, in a replay from last week, Rob Terry came out holding the OVW TV title. Gunn won the title via forfeit over Mohamad Ali Vaez last week when Vaez never appeared, but Rob Terry did, with the title in hand. It looked like Howe was going to be awarded the TV title via forfeit as well, but Trailer Park Trash, with Josette Bynum, came out and said Tony Gunn was laid out in the back, and accused Rob Terry of doing the deed. TPT, who was awful on the mic here, then rewarded Terry for his alleged treachery by saying next week it will be Gunn vs Howe vs Terry in a three way match for the TV title. Rob Terry cut a promo saying that was fine with him. Duh. The crowd chanted a lot for Vaez here during this segment, but he did not appear for the second week in a row.

5. Jamin Olivencia beat OVW Heavyweight champion “Smooth” Johnny Spade in a non title match

TV main event time. There was a spot where Olivencia kicked the ropes when Spade was up top, causing Spade to fall awkwardly on the apron. Lots of talking in the ring happened after that scary moment. Spade later accidentally waylaid referee Chris Sharpe with a wicked superkick. Babyfaces and other refs hit the ring, and Spade and Olivencia did slap hands, but Olivencia then hit his clamping DDT finisher on Spade when the faces left the ring, and Sharpe made the groggy three count. So a very heelish non-title victory for Olivencia to close out the show. I don’t think Olivencia is winning the title this Saturday, or turning heel. This match was just so-so, which surprised me, and the crowd wasn’t hot for it either. Didn’t make people’s mouths water to see them battle for the gold in a few days.

A bizarre and not especially good show this week. Maybe it was a rush job with it starting early and all. It ran smoothly enough, but it didn’t feel like tremendous thought was put into it. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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