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Blog: CM Punk is the best heel in the biz; so why is this so hard?

What lies ahead for CM Punk might be the biggest challenge of his career. Lucky for him, he’s the “best in the world.”

It’s one of Punk’s monickers, but really, it’s true. Name a better pro wrestler than CM Punk? Name someone who has the workrate, charisma and crowd appeal Punk has.

So what could possibly challenge the best wrestler on the planet? Things should come easy to him, right? This might not.

Punk’s heel turn, which started at Raw 1,000 and further evolved this past Monday night, seems like a more natural fit for Punk’s character. The dry, sinister pandering to the WWE audience — i.e. a “WWE ice cream bars” reference — was fun for a while, but to me, it also felt forced. The “flirting” angle with AJ felt cheesy, and awkward.

Punk as a heel has more of a natural feel to it. Punk might be the best heel in wrestling. The problem is, that’s what makes him so popular.

The storyline — he deserves respect as WWE Champion — is damn near perfect.

So what’s the challenge?

You. You, me and everyone else. We’re the challenge staring Punk right in the face. It’s CM Punk vs. the world.

You, me and everyone else wants to cheer him. He’s the “voice of the voiceless.” He says what most of us are thinking.

Now, he needs to make US hate him.

That won’t be easy. Especially if WWE moves in the direction of Punk vs. Cena for the WWE Championship.

Then, it might be damn near impossible.

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  1. Cutting Edge says:

    The problem isn’t whether we should hate CM Punk or not. The problem is that WWE is still trying to move forward with him feuding with Cena who has the same exact problem. People love to hate Cena as a face. Vice versa for Punk.

  2. What exactly has he done yet to be considered a heel? He attacked the Rock… Which sure fans like him but is hardly ever around… And this week he attack Big Show and Cena, two guys most fans don’t like anyway.

    Until he starts out right attacking the crowd, he still the same guy he was the week before only now he’s feuding The Rock instead of whatever generic heel they put before him.

  3. Joe says:

    Kevin Steen > CM Punk

  4. art123guy says:

    Cutting Edge is right. Since WWE has no faces other that Cena (who everyone hates), Punk will never be seen as a real heel. Heck, once Punk won the belt, WWE flipped him so fast it made my head spin.

  5. Kerry says:

    Punk needs to stay a babyface & Cena needs to turn heel.

  6. jim says:

    Punk needs to be punk and the rock needs to kick his ass

  7. Nick says:

    Are they really trying to turn Punk heel though? I think the 3 way setup they’re doing is more about turning him into the anti-hero personality they took away from him months ago. This is all about building him as the guy that listens to no one far more than it is about making him the old school evil guy.

  8. Dave says:

    Bully Ray is the best heel in wrestling. Since he is actually a heel.

  9. I think @Nick is right, in reality I think they turned him face the way they did because they realized his merch was selling like wildfire after the pipebomb, if I remember his merch sold out completely at Kiosk and for two week proceeding the bomb, I think they were afraid to turn him into the anti hero thing (even though look what it did for Austin and the WWE) and now that his merch has stopped selling quite as well, they’ve decided to revisit the idea of making him the anti hero.

  10. Geoff says:

    Punk was trying to sound as justified and logical in attacking the rock last week so i’m guessing wwe wants him as a tweener for a while. but the ending where punk calls both big show and cena losers got me thinking he’s gonna turn more into a heel day by day.

  11. Geoff says:

    its almost as if wwe wants male fans to cheer punk and the kids to boo him. But it was the other way round this monday wasn’t it.

  12. -J- says:

    get rid of that cult theme and get a heel theme and be the jerk we know u can be phil.

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