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Blog: CM Punk is the best heel in the biz; so why is this so hard?

What lies ahead for CM Punk might be the biggest challenge of his career. Lucky for him, he’s the “best in the world.”

It’s one of Punk’s monickers, but really, it’s true. Name a better pro wrestler than CM Punk? Name someone who has the workrate, charisma and crowd appeal Punk has.

So what could possibly challenge the best wrestler on the planet? Things should come easy to him, right? This might not.

Punk’s heel turn, which started at Raw 1,000 and further evolved this past Monday night, seems like a more natural fit for Punk’s character. The dry, sinister pandering to the WWE audience — i.e. a “WWE ice cream bars” reference — was fun for a while, but to me, it also felt forced. The “flirting” angle with AJ felt cheesy, and awkward.

Punk as a heel has more of a natural feel to it. Punk might be the best heel in wrestling. The problem is, that’s what makes him so popular.

The storyline — he deserves respect as WWE Champion — is damn near perfect.

So what’s the challenge?

You. You, me and everyone else. We’re the challenge staring Punk right in the face. It’s CM Punk vs. the world.

You, me and everyone else wants to cheer him. He’s the “voice of the voiceless.” He says what most of us are thinking.

Now, he needs to make US hate him.

That won’t be easy. Especially if WWE moves in the direction of Punk vs. Cena for the WWE Championship.

Then, it might be damn near impossible.

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