7/28 “Rock Of Jericho” with guest Steve Brown recap

Aug 1, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

from Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that only wanna read the Steve Brown segments, they’re #s 15, 17, 19 & 21. Anyhow Jericho starts the show at 5:01 PM by saying welcome to the show, then introduces himself & says Steve Brown:
http://twitter.com/trixterrocks from Trixter.
He says he’ll kick it off with the reunited
Tourniquet that’s 1 of the most mathematical & technical bands you’ll ever
hear, plugs their new CD “Antiseptic Bloodbath”: http://tinyurl.com/bmukpzj , says the 1-2 punch starts now & says to crank it up.

2.Plays Tourniquet’s “Antiseptic Bloodbath”
& “Chart Of Elements”.

3.Jericho says what an awesome title
“Antiseptic Bloodbath” is, says with the
crazy lyrics by Tourniquet which’s a christian band & says you can hear on how
weird they are. He says it’s like Rush’s
combined with Trouble, Dream Theater,
Devon Townsend & Jesus Rock, calls them a
cool band & says in a couple of weeks,
Tourniquet’s singer [to where the name wasn’t mentioned] will be on the show. He says the guy’s 1 of the most obscure guest he’s ever had, says you have to get into this band to where they’re very cool as you heard & says Steve Brown will be on later.
He says he’ll play your requests, says there’s
lots of things coming up & says the show
continues after the break.

After the break Jericho says welcome back to the show, again introduces himself & says his band’s called Fozzy. He says their
new song’s called “Sandpaper” that came out a couple of weeks ago:
http://tinyurl.com/cdlyvbo , says it was #2 on iTunes’ metal charts to where that’s cool
& thanks fans for checking it out. He says it’s got M. Shadows doing guest vocals on it, says it’s cool because when they recorded
it there’s a part in the beginning that goes
“the cat scratch, whiplash, witch hunt &
black sandpaper” & says as he recorded that part, he felt it was OK & cool, but didn’t
fit the vibe that he wanted. He then decided
to call Shadows to where he’d be cool with
the song.

Jericho says he called Shadows to where not only he agreed to it but loved the song
& chorus of it, says he decided to have ideas
for it & says he put different arrangement
ideas into it. He says it was cool to where
Shadows went above & beyond to make it a
great 1, says that it’s been doing well for them & plugs “Sin & Bones” that’ll be out 8/14: http://tinyurl.com/6rzunqv . He says
the cool thing about “Sandpaper” is that the site Loudwire: www.loudwire.com has
“Music Cage Matches”, says that Motley
Crue that has his boss Nikki Sixx is touring
now: www.motley.com/home/tour with Kiss:
www.kissonline.com/tour & says that Kiss’
new song’s called “Hell Or Hallelujah”.

Jericho says MC’s new song’s called “Sex”,
says it was “Sex” vs “Hell Or Hallelujah” to
where MC beat Kiss: http://tinyurl.com/d4aoakx & says there
was Fozzy vs MC. He says he got a phone call from a record to where they told him
that since it’s Fozzy vs MC, says it’s a big deal, says even though it’s a long shot, but
to just promote it to fans via Twitter & of
course plugs http://twitter.com/iamjericho .
He says it started out to where MC was winning at 75% to 25%, says he decided not to give up on it & says he kept asking fans to vote. He says when it ended it had Fozzy
beating MC: http://tinyurl.com/d2msr9s with “Sandpaper” being better then “Sex”.

Jericho screams “YEAH, SUCK IT NIKKI”, tells
fans to be the judge & then plays
“Sandpaper” now.

4.Plays Fozzy & M. Shadows’ “Sandpaper”,
Motley Crue’s “Sex” & Kiss’ “Hell Or

5.Jericho says “Hell Or Hallelujah” has the
amazing vocals of Paul Stanley, says it’s the
new Kiss for the upcoming CD “Monster”:
http://tinyurl.com/cddh5y4 & asked fans on
what did they think. He says it’s always good hearing new Paul material, says that
“Sex” is a cool tune & says it sums up on
everything MC is. He feels MC’s next song
should be called “Drugs”, then the next 1
after that should be called “Rock & Roll” &
says you can sum up the entire MC career.
He again says “Sandpaper” is better then
“Sex” to where it can be a bit chafing, says it can be rough on the edges, says it can hurt your pee pee a little & says it’s better
then “Sex”.

Jericho says as he was looking at the iTunes
listings to as you go on there & buy something, it’ll say “music” to where you’ll
see all the categories. He says it’ll tell you the Top 10, 20, 30 or how further you’d wanna go to, of songs of that certain genre,
says when “Sandpaper” came out he followed it daily to where he kept refreshing it & then would say “where are
we at, what number, we’re #10, OK now
we’re #8, now we’re #7” & says they’re now
at #2, but couldn’t get to #1. He says that
position’s locked down by other Century
Media label mates, In This Moment with their song called “Blood” & says it’s #1 on
the metal charts.

Jericho says it’s like Michael Jackson’s
“Thriller” to where you can’t “usurp” it, says
that’s a great word & says to look it up if you don’t know: http://tinyurl.com/d46k68o . He says In This
Moment are part of the Rock Star Uproar tour that starts 8/17 in Kansas City:
www.rockstaruproar.com/tour-dates , says
that Fozzy, In This Moment, Shinedown,
Papa Roach, Godsmack, Adelitas Way, Staind, POD & other great rock & roll bands
will be there. He says In This Moment will
play their #1 song that can’t be “usurped” &
then plays “Blood”.

6.Plays In This Moment’s “Blood” & 5 Finger
Death Punch’s “Coming Down”.

7.Jericho says “Coming Down” is #3 on
iTunes’ metal charts that had “Blood”,
“Sandpaper” & “Coming Down”, asks if you
can see on how everything ties together on
the show & says 5 Finger Death Punch’s on
the Metal In America tour:
www.fivefingerdeathpunch.com/tour . He
then says it’s called “Operation Metal”, then
says he don’t remember what it’s called &
says it’s got them with Killswitch Engage &
Trivium. He says Trivium’s Matt Heavy will soon be a guest on the show, says he’s got
other guests scheduled to where he needs
to do many shows possible & says it’s because when Fozzy will be on Uproar, he
won’t be able to track as many shows as he
normally does.

Jericho says you’ll have to stock them up &
put them in a can, then says to put them in
the ol’ hopper, get them in a “toyskey” & to
get them ready to go. He again says Steve
Brown will be on later to where he says that’s a great segway, says he’ll play your
requests & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome
back to the show, again introduces himself & says a couple of weeks ago, his request box & jar was getting lower & lower. He says you’ve filled his box up again by again plugs his Twitter, then plugs his Facebook:
www.facebook.com/chrisjericho to where he says he’s getting into that now, then says “the kids are getting into the Facebook
nowadays” & says he’s now into that. He says he’s on Tout: www.tout.com/u/iamjericho , asks if you’ve
heard of Tout & says it’s cool. He says it’s like a Twitter type vibe but has 15 second
video clips that you can do & says you’ll hear lots about Touting & not Tweeting.

Jericho plugs www.tout.com for more info,
asks if he works for Tout now & says
http://twitter.com/jasonjosephnyc wanted to hear some Rev Theory. He says that Rev
Theory used to do the “Smackdown” theme
song a while back [“Hangman”], says he’ll
play “Loaded Gun” & says
http://twitter.com/droppingmad to where
he calls that a cool Twitter name, wanted to hear some Dio. He says you can play
classic Dio records like “Holy Diver”:
http://tinyurl.com/cvq4bch , “Last In Line”: http://tinyurl.com/bn5zyov & “Scared Heart”: http://tinyurl.com/bmkl6ej & says he wanted to do something from 1 of the
underated ones from “Strange Highways”:
http://tinyurl.com/csfte69 .

Jericho says that has guitarist Tracy G, says he haven’t heard of him before & hasn’t heard anything from him since you’ll know
he’s bad ass & says it’s because he played in
Dio’s band. He says Dio’s had some of the
greatest guitarists of all time in his band,
says if you played with him you’ll know you’re good & says he’ll play “Firehead” now.

8.Plays Rev Theory’s “Loaded Gun” & Dio’s

9.Jericho says “Firehead” has a super & heavy riff, says the 1 thing about Dio was
that he had a great voice with lots of great
uptempo tunes & says you’d sometimes
forget, that he was also the singer for
Sabbath. He says Dio sounded heavy to where Jericho would then impersonate the
sounds, says they were real chunky type,
heavy type rivets of rock & says they’re also
known as riffs. He says
http://twitter.com/metalempress who’s a
long time listner that makes lots of requests, says that she wanted to hear
Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” & says sometimes fans will either request a band,
the band & the song & says that’s easier for
him, because he says he’s super lazy.

Jericho says it’s also fun for him to pick songs, asked if you liked “Firehead”, says he
hopes so & says it’s a cool song. He again
says metalempress wanted to hear “Stone
Cold Crazy”, says he recently saw the Queen
Extravaganza about a month ago in Tampa & says “represent yeah boy”. He says he don’t know if you’re heard about this but it’s an amazing show to where the musicians were handpicked by Roger Taylor
to be part of the Queen tribute show. He
says they have a 9 piece band to where 1
point, all 9 members sing & says there’s 9
part harmonies. He says he don’t know if
there’s 9 octives to do the harmonies but says there’s people that double up & there’s different harmonies & stuff.

Jericho says Jeff Scott Soto who used to
work for Yngwie Malmsteen & Journey
who’ll soon be a future ROJ guest, says Fozzy & Jeff played at the Whiskey A Go Go in 2010 to where he sang & says it was great. He says those guys played on
“American Idol” to where he remembers
flipping out literally, says it’s because he saw the guitarist playing a wicked solo for
“Somebody To Love” & says the guy had a
weird stance & a back flip while guitar
playing. He says that’s total rock & roll, says
if you get a chance to see Queen
Extravaganza: http://tinyurl.com/bltrkc2
which’s probably the closest to seeing them,
unless you’re seeing the other queen, which’s Adam Lambert on vocals.

Jericho says there’s lots of queens going
around, feels that the idea of Queen
Extravaganza’s that they’ll continue after
the original Queen’s long gone & says their
music will live on forever. He then plays
“Stone Cold Crazy” now.

10.Plays Queen’s “Stone Cold Crazy” & Iced
Earth’s “Something Wicked”.

11.Jericho says Iced Earth’s another Century
Media label mate, says that “Something
Wicked” was requested by
http://twitter.com/jp4media , says that
name sounds like a fortune 500 company &
then does an impression by saying “hello, I
work for JP4 Media, I’ll be doing your taxes
this year”. He says he don’t know if a media
company can do taxes, says he thinks they’re a media tax company & says he don’t know. He says Iced Earth’s touring
with Volbeat & Hellyeah: www.icedearth.com/tour , http://tinyurl.com/3drujhc &
www.hellyeahband.com & says he loves
Hellyeah & Vinnie Paul.

Jericho thanks fans for their requests, again
plugs his Twitter to send more requests &
says he’ll play all of them. He says he
promises that, again says Steve Brown will
be on later & says he’ll do a tribute to Deep
Purple’s Jon Lord who died a couple of weeks ago [7/16]. He then takes another

12.Plays Offspring’s “Hammerhead”.

13.After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show, says that earlier he spoke about Jon dying recently from [pancreatic] cancer at 71 & calls him 1 of the
pioneers of rock & roll & metal. He called him 1 of the greatest rock & roll keyboardist of all time, says that when thinking about Deep Purple it’s 1 of those things to not get Eddie Trunk started on the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & says he agrees with him on some of it. He says he also agrees with Eddie on the 3 biggest bands that ain’t in it but should be, is Kiss, Rush & Deep Purple, says you can’t have a R&RHOF without DP, then mentions Sabbath & Zeppelin & asks on why DP’s not in it.

Jericho says they’re just as influential as Sabbath or Zeppelin to where they’re complete pioneers, say that they’ve played stuff that’ll blow you away now on things that they’ve recorded in ’71 & says DP is Lars Ulrich’s all time favorite band. He says if there was no DP there wouldn’t be Metallica, says it’s the same for Sabbath & Zeppelin & says the point’s that they’re just as influencial. He says Jon was a player that was insane, called him a great rock & roll keyboardist & a B3 Hammond organ & says that’s an instrument, to where he impersonates the sounds from it by saying WEEEEEEEE, but don’t know if the sounds he made is from that instrument.

Jericho says the solos that Jon played by
doubling with Richie Blackmore, says it was probably the 1st time we’ve heard a wicked guitarist & keyboardist to where bands to this day, that Dream Theater’s a perfect example of a keyboardist & guitarist that double their lines & solos & trade on & off. He says DP did all of that 1st in ’69, says RIP to Jon who he calls a big man & then plays a
tribute to Jon’s amazing keyboard abilities with “Highway Star”. He says to check out the solo in the song to where it’ll whip your

14.Plays Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” &
“Burn” & Whitesnake’s “Love Ain’t No

15.Jericho says “Love Ain’t No Stranger”
had Jon on keyboards, says he had more of
a theatrical background role in Whitesnake & says there never was any crazy keyboard
solos like there was in DP’s “Burn” &
“Highway Star”. He calls Richie & Jon probably the best keyboard/guitar duo
ever, again says RIP to Jon & says he’ll miss him to where we’ll hear his music & treasure it forever. He says Steve Brown’s coming up next & then takes another break.

After the break Jericho again says welcome back to the show & says on the phone is 1 of the most talented guitarist that he’s had pleasure working with. He says the guy’s from the reunited Trixter, Steve Brown & when he asks him on how he’s doing, Steve says he’s rocking & rolling to where he couldn’t be happier. He says he’s loving life, Jericho says as always & when asking on where he’s at now, Steve says in St. Cloud, Minnesota to where the band’s doing a festival tonight. He says it’s a 1/2 way jam with someone who’s from jackyl & former label mate, Bang Tango, says it’s gonna be a
good 1 & Jericho says it’s interesting, because Steve’s always telling him that he’s doing festivals.

Jericho says they’re always in cool places like either St. Cloud or Riverton, Wisconsin, says it seems to be tons of festivals that’s popping up all around & especially in the mid west & Steve says it’s a good thing. He says the fans are 1st & foremost just like himself, they love to f*****g party, asks if that’s what rock & roll’s about & Jericho agrees. He asks if they reunited in 2009, Steve says it was 2007 to where they press
“play” on their movie that they stopped in
’95 & says they’ve been back ever since. He again says they reunited in 2007, says in 2008 they started gigging to where they did
the infamous Rocklahoma show & says they almost died on stage together with Eddie Trunk.

Steve says it’s been an awesome couple of years, Jericho asks him to tell fans the story & Steve says that’s been documented. He says if you go online & type “Trixter Live At Rocklahoma Hurricane Show”: http://tinyurl.com/c93sa7c to where they were playing the set, says that it occurs in July at Pryor, Oklahoma & says it’s 115 degrees there. He says it’s got crazy weather with tornados & hurricanes that go
thru at any given time, says during that
time there was a huge storm blew threw during their set & says 2 sides got thrown down. He says they were at the end of the show to where they played “Give It To Me Good”, says they were 1/2 thru it & says he remembers a roadie coming in, then kicking & lifting him off the stage.

Steve says the stages were shut down like a
big garage, says it was crazy to where they were scared & says he remembers Eddie being the most scared out of everyone, to where his famous words were “Oh my God, after all these years or rock & roll, I’m
gonna die on stage with Trixter”. He says that’s not really a bad thing, Jericho asked if that freaked him out especially at what occured with Sugarland & a Belgium festival & Steve mentions about a Cheap Trick show in Toronto with Radiohead this summer. He says it’s a scary thing because when doing these shows, he always sees at the structure itself because you do lots of these outdoor stages, says you don’t know these people & on how they put these up & says things can happen.

Steve says they played last month in Fargo to where they played with Firehouse at this big red festival outside, says there was 10,000 there & says the weather with the wind was blowing the stage. He says it was scary but you had to trust those guys, says like all old road crew guys that they’ve worked with in the last 20 years & says they’ve worked with some of the best. He says that they say “hey man, let us do our jobs & you’ll do yours, we’ll do our job”, says that sometimes you have to put that trust in people in the name of rock & roll & Jericho agrees. He says you never know on what’s gonna happen when you’re in those conditions & says the cool thing about it is that there’s lots of festivals to where Trixter, Warrant & Firehouse.

Jericho says tonight had Jackyl & Skid Row,
then asks Steve on what he thinks it is about music in the late 80s & 90s to where it still has a great life today, says you can play in front of 10,000 in Fargo & says everyone’s having a great time. Steve says it’s because they’re part of the 80s hard rock thing, says that anyone that was there & lived thru it & says they lived doing it whether you were either in a band or a fan of it. He says there’s no doubt that it was some of the best times in all of our lives, says he’s 42 now to where he grew up thru it all & says he saw the original Van Halen, Motley Crue & other favorites while growing up in the 80s.

Steve says he soon started Trixter when he was 12 in ’82, says they were gigging thru all that as teenagers & says he was living as a fan, but also being in a band that was part
of it. He says lucky for them they were successful to where they were part of this amazing scene that meant so much & still does to many people now, says the cool thing about it is that not only are the hot moms that used to come to see them back then, but they’re bringing their hot daughters. He calls that the “double bubble” to where it’s like they’ve won the lottery, Jericho says “double bubble” is the show’s new catchphrase & says that when Steve said he started when he was 12.

Jericho says not many fans see that they were so young when they hit in ’90, asked if
they were about 20 or 21 at the time & Steve says yes. He says back then he was signed when he was 17, says he didn’t become 18 yet & says P.J. [Farley] was 16 then. He says that was the thing about it because it was a magical time then, says they were the young little fools on the block for better or worse & Jericho asks on how did they get signed at a young age. Steve says it’s the classic story to where they started playing & Jersey & says in ’86, there was something occuring to where New York, Staten Island, New Jersey & Pennsylvania had some of these “all ages rock nights”.

Steve says now you go to f*****g clubs, to where it’s all ages & it’s f*****g disco. He says for the kids that’s cool because it’s all about young people meeting each other, says at the time it was “rock night” to where they did this every Sunday night & says every different night, it was a different rock night somewhere. He says they’d play them in ’86 when Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When
Wet”/”Saying What’s Happening” occured, they got throw into that scene & says before knowing it, they were 1 of those bands to where within a year, it started to pack houses. He says Jericho knows as much
as he does, which’s that being in a rock band when you start making noise & filling clubs to where fans start talking, the next thing they knew managers came to them.

Steve says that’s what happened which’s that they became the biggest band in their little bubble/little area, says they had managers that were friends with someone named Peter to where they managed Def Leppard & Metallica & says they put them under their wings. He says that’s how the ball started getting rolling for them, says that Peter would walk around with their cape to all of the managers that were from different European record labels & says they’d say “this band Trixter, they’re young,
they’re the new Def Leppard, they’re gonna
be opening for Def Leppard on their next tour”. He says that’s how everything started
happening for them to where it was cool.

Jericho says their 1st record [“Trixter”]:
http://tinyurl.com/cxjm84g was a big hit to where it went gold & says it’s still huge today. He says he remembers there was a
“Dial MTV” to where you’d see “Give It To Me Good” was the 1 that broke thru, says it was the 1 to where you’d see that on MTV every 5 minutes & says when MTV had that type of influence, it must’ve helped them out too. Steve says without a doubt, says that MTV was huge for all bands whether it’d be Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Trixter, Skid Row & says any of them who was a part of that scene, it was all about that. He
mentions “Dial MTV”, says at the time MTV actually played videos & says they had a great relationship with them.

Steve says MTV’s president at the time was a huge fan of them, says it’s the reason why
they became successful & says even though the music’s great with “Give It To Me
Good”, there’s no 2 ways about it to where
it was a great rock & roll song. He says it was 1 in a million, says without MTV it wouldn’t have been a top 40 hit or #1 video
for 13 weeks: http://tinyurl.com/2cxosa8 . Jericho asks that out of all of those tunes on their 1st record, which is the 1 he still loves hearing to this day & going “man, that’s a great tune”, Steve says “Give It To Me Good” has a soft spot in his heart & says
that was the 1 that broke the band. He says for himself, he loves “Heart Of Steel”.

Steve says on that song has the guitar playing to where he feels it’s his best on there & says they still play that live. He says it still kicks ass to this day, says that they’re now opening with that song & says that sets the tone. Jericho says he’ll play the song now.

16.Plays Trixter’s “Heart Of Steel”.

17.Jericho says “Heart Of Steel” has a great
chorus to it, tells Steve that 1 good thing
about him’s that he’s such a good songwriter with them hooky choruses to
where he knew how to connect it to where it would stick in your head forever & Steve
says that’s what it was always about. He
says he always focused on songwriting 1st &
foremost, says his songwriting style hasn’t
changed & says it’s the same thing. He says
he always gose for big melodies whether it’s a guitar riff, says it’s always the chorus
has to have it & says he’s a fan of big
guitarists, vocals, drums & everything else
big. He thinks it’s because he’s 5 foot 7 & he’s making up for his shortness in size.

Jericho tells Steve that he’s got a rock & roll
Napoleon complex, Steve says he ain’t that
short but when meeting others like Michael
Anthony or Sammy Hagar, he feels that
maybe he ain’t so short after all. Jericho
says they’ve had many great tours with big
bands that kinda took them under their
wings, says he knows they’ve toured with
Scorpions & Kiss & asks on what was it like
going out with his idols that he’s heard for
years. Steve says he responds to that all the
time with all the love in his heart, says that
for him & the band, every dream that he’s
had came true 100 times over & says he ain’t joking. He says he says this daily when
doing interviews because it’s the f*****g truth.

Steve says everything that he ever wanted to do came true to where it’s cool, says he
wishes that for everyone in life & says maybe not for every dream, but for every 5.
He says he was lucky in a sense to where
everything he’s ever bargained for came true 100 times, says he never thought that
he’d be that big & says by playing arenas
worldwide & nationwide, you can’t have a
better life then what they had then. He says
the 1st tour they’ve done was with Poison,
says it was the 1st time they’ve ever played in an arena & says it was 2/91 in Michigan.
He says he won’t forget it till the day he dies, says it’s probably 1 of the greatest days in his life & says besides his daughter
being born, to where he says that’s a cliche.

Steve says that was 1 of the greats to where
they did 1 week with Poison, says the 1st time they played at an arena they kicked ass & felt that it was meant to be. He tells
Jericho that probably in his career, he’s had
something that just clicked to where he’s on stage whether it’d be wrestling or music
& says it was meant to be. He says Jericho
played the show to where everything that
went wrong to where it could’ve went wrong, gave him the stars, moon, sun & chicks. He says they had an awesome show
with 10,000, says they were playing arenas
for 13 months & says they did the next tour
that had the Scorpions. He says those guys
were “pulling band trees that had a million

Steve says they got to play sold out to where they didn’t play in arenas once, says
they did multiple nights to where they played Irvine Meadows & says 1 time, they
did a 2 sold out nights. He says not only did
they play arenas but they did sold out
multiple nights, says it’s amazing & says it’s
the night that they toured with Warrant &
Firehouse ’91 tour. He says it’s ironic because while the top 10 grossing tours for
that year was a surprise to everyone, they
did 6 months nationwide playing in sheds,
arenas, theaters & says that was a huge fest. He says like a 3 band traveling party from city to city & says that all of them were the same age.

Steve says they f*****g partied & f*****g had a blast to where it was incredible, says
when “Hear”: http://tinyurl.com/cno7dv3 was released they were asked to open for
Kiss, says they were the band that made him why he became a rock & roll star & says
you can’t imagine on how great that tour
was. He says he got to hang with Gene
Simmons, hear his bad jokes & would come
in Steve’s dressing room to eat all of their
junk food, because he wasn’t allowed to have any due to losing weight. He says Gene & son, Nick, would sneak in & ate candy bars & Gene would say “Steve, Steve,
I’ll have to come to your dressing room,
because Paul won’t allow me to have cookies”.

Steve continues by saying that Gene told him “I’m gonna have to eat your cookies,
your cereal & your junk food, because Paul
won’t allow it”. Jericho says that’s great to
where it’s the real side of rock & roll, says
the evil demon who spat blood, breathed
fire & ain’t allowed to eat sweets from Paul.
Steve says that’s another interview that can
go on for days, Jericho says it’s interesting to where he’s texted him about it is that he
saw on Youtube to where he mentioned
Firehouse & Warrant tour & says in the early PPV days, there was a PPV called
“Blood, Sweat & Beers” that had all 3 bands
on & thought it was interesting at the time.

Jericho says you could see that on the early
PPV days, Steve says that was awesome because they filmed it in at Louisiana’s
infamous Cajun Dome & says it was cool. He
says it was a great documentation of that
tour to where how successful it was, says it
was for the fact they were asked & paid to
do this PPV & again says it was cool. He says
we all know that Jani Lane was a good
memory of on how great he was, says that
lots of fans slagged Jani to where he went
thru a rough period & says on that tour, Jani was 1 of the best f*****g rock & rock
frontman, singer & songwriter that he’s ever seen in the hard rock world. He says
he’s never seen anyone like him smoke lots
of cigarettes & drank more tequila & beer
during the set.

Steve says Jani after all that he’d still sing his f*****g ass off while fronting the band to
where stage acts were great, says that Jani
was incredible & says RIP to Jani. He says when they play shows with Warrant &
Firehouse someone named “PW” always
gives a shoutout to Jani, Jericho says that’s
cool & says he likes it, because it showed
something good. He says at the end of the
set, all 3 bands came on stage to where they sang “Fight For Your Right To Party”,
says it’s the cliche of all 3 being a road family & says you can see that they had a
blast together to where Steve agrees. He says Poison was great to them because they
were a bit older.

Steve says when they toured with the
Scorpions they were 20 years older back then, says the hanging time was limited &
says it wasn’t like they’d call them on days
off & ask “hey dude, you guys wanna go….”.
He says with Warrant & Firehouse it was like every day off, they’d be playing golf with them or f*****g going out to clubs & says you can see that on the video to where
Jericho agrees. He says after that the wraft
of [Kurt] Cobain came along to where all of
the music of Trixter, Warren, Firehouse,
Priest & Maiden, took a tumble to where it
shook up everything. He says he don’t know
if “ruined” is the right word but says that
everything changed.

Jericho asks Steve if it was a tough time for
them, says that their record got caught in
the middle when grunge started & Steve says yes. He says it was a weird time because they just come off in 10/91, says back then they got off of a 15 month tour by playing in front of 2 million & says if you’re in a successful rock band to where
lots of Jericho’s buddies can tell the story, to where it happens all the time. He says
you’re in a bubble to where you’d have
people around you that just say “aw dude,
this is great”, says with their record company they negociated a big deal to do
the record & says they hired Jimbo Barton
who did Rush & Queensryche.

Steve calls Jimbo an amazing producer that did their record to where they recorded it at the best studios money can buy, says they were living the life to where they were
in LA, did 1/2 of the record & says they had
their own rental Mustang, to where they
went out nightly & lived the life. He says they were in a bubble to where they didn’t
know what occured around them, says he
always tells young bands to always know
what’s happening around you musicially &
says it won’t change anything, but says he
wasn’t gonna start writing grunge music for “Hear”. He says he already wrote for that to where it was a great record & says
the record company told them that they’ll
sell 3 million copies on this.

Steve says that he was told it was a
masterpiece to where he wrote amazing
songs, says that low & behold when it came
out they were touring with Kiss & says he
remembers he & P.J. asked their manager
“well why isn’t the video added to any of the dates”. He says the manager told them
“next week they’re gonna add it”, says that
“next week” came & they didnt’ add it &
again told them “next week”. He says after
“”next week” they saw they didn’t add it to
where they knew there was trouble, says that was 10/92 to where their couldn’t have
been 2 bigger bands worldwide at the time
since Pearl Jam & Nirvana & says they were
caught in it.

Jericho says “Hear” is great to where he
likes it better then their 1st due to having
many great riffs & songs, tells Steve he grew as a songwriter & band to where there was dept there & says it was a shame.
He says it happened to other bands including Warrant to where “Dog Eat Dog”:
http://tinyurl.com/cefvznw is their best CD & Skid Row’s “Subhuman Race”:
http://tinyurl.com/czarkvr , says it was caught in the middle of what occured at the
time & says he loves the song “Damn Good”
from “Hear”. He says he’ll play that now to
where he’s self-requesting the song, Steve
says he loves it too & says it’s 1 of his
favorites from the CD.

Steve says there’s great riffs to where it’s
very VH influenced, Jericho says it’s super
heavy & Steve says he loves it. Jericho says
it’s got a great solo & then plays the song.

18.Plays Trixter’s “Damn Good”.

19.Jericho says he remembers blasting
“Damn Good” while driving a Ford truck, says he had a cassette version of “Hear” to
where he played it over & over again & calls
it a great CD. He says it was the wrong time,
Steve says they did much better in Japan &
Europe then on their 1st record, says they
some traction out of it to where they sold
some records worldwide & says to this day,
it’s a fan favorite. He says this coming October will be the 20 year anniversary that
it’s been released, says they may do an
anniversary edition by remastering it & says
it was really a great time for them. He says
he remembers it to where they had a great
time making the record.

Jericho says the 1 cool thing on that is that’s the 1 part worldwide which’s Europe
& Japan that never gave in to the trends of
what occured in the States, says they could
still do good business overseas by playing
their music & asked if they returned to Japan as of yet. Steve says not yet, says they’re waiting for agents & promoters to
call them about an agreement & says they
got great reviews on the new CD there to
where they want it. He says it’s tough with
the economy & money to where he tells
Jericho that he knows the business to where it all comes down to money. He says
it ain’t cheap flying 7 people to Japan by
having them stay for a week to where it’s
part of the deal.

Steve says he’ll see because he’s sure it’ll
work out at some point, Jericho asked him if he returned to Japan in ’91 or ’92 & Steve
says yes. He says it was in ’93 & they were
there for a week, says it was another check
off the bucket list & says it was 1 of the
most amazing times ever. He says being that he likes Japanese food & sushi he was
in hog heaven, says they had a blast to where it was awesome & says they did 2
shows in Osaka & Towasaki, which’s like
outside of Tokyo. He says they did the thing
to where they had the bullet chain, some
tourist things, drank 2,000 Saporros & says
the 1 thing that was cool, was 15 minutes
before going on stage in Towasaki, the promoter tells the band’s manager “Hey, do
you guys want to record the show tonight?”.

Steve continues by the manager saying “we
can multitrack, we can record & make live
record, how much, only $1,000”. He says 15
minutes before going on stage they decided
to record the show, which turned out to be
their “Alive In Japan” record: http://tinyurl.com/bl6c8j4 , says it was a
magical night & says he ain’t kidding. He
tells Jericho that he knows about stories
about so called “live records”, then mentions Kiss’ “Alive”: http://tinyurl.com/7tgyqwf & says it wasn’t recorded live, but in the studio & says Trixter did a live record. He says there’s only a couple things they had to fix on it that were so minimal that it wasn’t funny.

Steve says the decision was made 15 minutes before going on stage to where it
turned out to be 1 the greatest things
worldwide that they’ve done, says it’s
because they made the record in Japan to
where it’s real & says it kicks ass. Jericho says that after they did that record they
toured a bit more, then took a 12 year break & asked on how it’s been to be
reunited. He says Steve’s in the band in his
early 20’s, says he’s now in his early 40s &
asks if it’s either different or better. He then asks if he’s learned some things, Steve
says yes & says he, Pete [Peter Loran], P.J. & Gus [Mark Scott] all grew up together to where they’re family & brothers.

Steve says they’re not just a rock & roll band, says that he’s known Pete & Gus since
he was 9, says the bands roots are more
deeper to where it’s blood & family & again
says they’re his brothers. He says reuniting
after 13 years, within 5 years of being in a
room together it was like the old days &
says all the stuff comes up regarding stupid
jokes. He says they love having a good time,
says that’s all it’s been about & says what
they’ve learned is to appreciate on what
they have, what they’ve accomplished & on
how great it is 20 years later to fly
nationwide. He hopes to soon fly
worldwide by getting paid to play the music
that they wrote 20 to 25 years ago.

Steve says it’s the gift that keeps on giving,
says he appreciates it now more then ever to where himself, Pete & P.J. last night were
at this hotel & hung out in a hot tub in a pool. He says it was the 3 of them listening
to John Sykes live, says they were hearing VH on the iPod while having cocktails & says they were laughing & having a good time. He says that ain’t easy because he’s
around with lots of bands that’s out there to where they’re contemporaries, says that
ain’t the case with other bands because lots
of bands don’t get along & says they still don’t. He says those bands would go out &
tolorate each other & says that’s not the case with themselves.

Steve says they’re out having a blast daily,
Jericho says it’s cool that he says that because as something that he says to Fozzy
that it’s the same way & says it’s so cool
being with brothers by doing something that you love doing, which’s touring worldwide & getting paid doing it. He says
by sitting in a hot tub, having drinks & hearing music, says it’s the same when he was 14 except for now you can make it into
a career & life from it & calls it a cool thing.
Steve says it’s amazing to where he’s
fortunate enough to where he’s been making music all his life, says he’s never had to work a day job & says he’s not kidding when saying, that he’s thankful to
fans worldwide.

Steve says they’ve giving him the opportunity to do this, says he means it with all the honesty in his heart & says it’s the greatest f*****g thing worldwide. Jericho plugs their new CD “New Audio Machine”: http://tinyurl.com/csj9boa to where it’s the exact next CD that you’d
expect from them, says it’s the perfect example & progression from “Hear” to
“New Audio Machine” & asks on how was it
recording & writing it to being back in the
studio with the band. Steve says it was great, says it was another dream come true
to where they made a great CD & says it came to be when they started touring again in 2008, they put out “Alive In Japan”.

Steve says there were 2 new songs on it to
where they were leftovers from “Hear”, says
they put them on as bonus tracks to where
they got a great response from it & says the
fans were always asking “when are you gonna make a real new record”. He says it
took a couple of years where he always knew as the creative force behind the band,
that he knew they were gonna do 1 & says it was when the time was right. He says
every year past 2008 is where he has lots of
leftover material from the early days that
they’ve never used, says he started putting
demos & things together to where he’s got
15 & 16 ideas & says that some of them were full songs that were left over from a
different time period.

Steve says he put it together to where he
handed out stuff to Frontiers Records
president Serafino who signed them, says
Serafino thought it was great & says the 1st
song from that was “Drag Me Down”, which
was something he wrote with Glen Burtnick
in ’93. He says Glen’s a New Jersey rock & roll guy that was in Styx, says he co-wrote
“Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough” with
Patty Smyth & Don Henley & says he wrote
the song 13 years ago but it never happened. He says he put it together, sent it out to where he got a response, says he
called the guys by sending them ideas to
where they have the opportunity to make a
great record & tells them to do it.

Steve says everyone was like “allright, let’s
do it”, says they took their time to do 1 song at a time & says it was 1 song a month.
He says it took about a year to get it done in between their busy lives that they have
going on, says it’s because everyone’s got
different things & says it creates a challenge. He says if they ever do another
CD they’ll do it the way other bands do
nowadays to where it’ll take 2 weeks out of
your life, then go to a studio, plan it out &
get it done. He says as long as the material’s good to where the recording
process is easy, says it’s that getting the time to be able to record it & says that’s the
hard part to where Jericho agrees.

Steve says they did it to where 90% of it was done, says that they knew they had
something good & says he thought it needed a couple more new songs just to
round it out. He says in 3 weeks he wrote &
recorded “Get On It”, “Ride” & “Machine”,
says those 3 last songs they recorded is
where it pulled the CD together & says he
couldn’t be more prouder of the CD. He says it’s probably the best work they’ve
ever done as a band, says it’s full on Trixter
to where they ain’t trying to be anything else but just a great, molotic hard rock band & feels that’s what they’ve accomplished to where Jericho agrees. He
asks Steve on what’s his favorite song for
fans that wanna hear what the band sounds
like in 2012.

Steve says his favorite to do live from the CD would be “Get On It”, Jericho says that’s a good tune from the CD to where it’s heavy & says it’s got a classic Steve Brown
riff. He says he’ll play the song now.

20.Plays Trixter’s “Get On It”.

21.Jericho says he agrees that “Get On It” is
nothing but Trixter to where it’s great, heavy & hard rock molotic band, says that
they haven’t changed a bit to where it’s great having them back with it & asks if they’ve got summer gigs. Steve says they’ll
be in Minnesota this weekend, says next
weekend they’ll be at Sturgis to where it’ll
be awesome & says he’s looking forward to it. He says they’re rocking all year to where
they’ve got 25 to 30 dates on the table:
http://tinyurl.com/c3lpbtc , says that more’s
coming in & is hoping that European & Japan promoters wake up to say “hey man,
it’s time to bring Trixter back”. He says they’re having fun by enjoying it.

Steve says there’s no complaints, Jericho tells Steve that it’s great having him on the
show & calls him an energetic guy. He says
Steve’s got great energy to where the band
sounds great, says he hopes they’ll see each
other on the road somewhere & Steve says
he can’t wait. He thanks Jericho for his
support, Jericho says “double bubble” all the way & Steve says he loves that. He tells
Jericho he’ll talk later, Jericho thanks him,
wishes him a good gig & says to say hi to the others for him. He then takes another

After the break Jericho again thanks Steve for being on the show to where the band
sounds great, says there’s cool songs like
“Get On It” & says he loves “Damn Good”. He says “Hear” is a cool CD, says if you like
molotic hard rock from the early to mid 90s
& haven’t heard “Hear” you need to check it
out & says to keep an eye on them when they come to town. He says the interview
goes by so fast to where Steve’s the best
guitarist you’ll ever hear, says he could be in VH because he’s got that style & says if
Eddie Van Halen couldn’t play guitar & wanted someone to continue playing in the
band, Steve can easily take over. He says he’ll play some Overkill now to where he yells “YEAH”.

Jericho says it’s requested
http://twitter.com/xxsuicidexx666 , calls that a long Twitter name to where he don’t
know if that’s either a man or woman &
advised the person to edit it to either
“suicidegone” or “suicideX”. He says
“Suicide X” would be a cool band name, says that Overkill’s been kicking it for 30
years to where they never stop, says they’ll
be touring with Megadeth this Fall:
http://tinyurl.com/y88gcm3 &
www.megadeth.com/killingroad.php & says
that was probably secret info that he shouldn’t have given out, but he did. He says it’s like a subscription to where if you
subscribe to the show you’ll get a membership card, decoder ring & secret info & gives an evil type laugh.

Jericho says this is the last song for this
weeks show to where he plays Overkill’s
“The Green & Black”.

22.Plays Overkill’s “The Green & Black”.

23.Jericho says you’ll always know the voice
of Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth who’s very
distinctive, says that some fans love it & others don’t & says he feels it’s cool. He says you’ll know it’s him when he’s singing,
says that’s it for this week & again thanks
Steve & “double bubble” & says he loves
that phrase. He says if you’ve got a hot mom & daughter it’s now called “double
bubble”, thanks fans for listening & again plugs his Twitter. He says next week on the show will be Ugly Kid Joe’s Whitfield Crane,
says to check that out & to check him out &
says he’s checking out now. He says to stay
cool, hard & heavy & says he’ll see you next
week, again thanks fans to where he says
good night. He says God bless all of you & the show ends at 7:20 PM.

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