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WWE apologizes for another superstar

From Hans Keller:

Tensai’s is in hot water for his first Tout, in which he said something pretty insensitive about the Japanese.

Story here:

The WWE sent out the following statement.

“While in character, Lord Tensai (Matt Bloom) clearly took his storyline too far and he will be reprimanded for his inappropriate comments.”

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14 Responses

  1. -J- says:

    wwe is having a great week!

  2. Science & Violence says:


  3. Steve says:

    So he can’t be a heel ‘in character’ because WWE get upset about him trying to be his character? Wow

  4. Bill says:

    Of course this was bad for WWE, but he’s a Boston driver…LOL. That’s just how we are. 😉

  5. 50 shades of gay says:

    They should tell us sorry for all the crappy storylines every week.

  6. Joe says:

    Ahhhhh duuuuuude nooooooooo. That’s just dumb. He should’ve known he’d get backlash from that.

  7. ironFNmaiden says:

    They would apologize if they still did the “evvvillll” gimmick these days.

    I don’t know what he said, but I do know that 1) Matt Bloom loves Japan, so anything he says it clearly in character, and 2) Matt Bloom isn’t dumb enough to say something he couldn’t defend under the flag or “heel”, no one in his job would be that careless.

    I liked when wrestling had balls…..i’m not talking attitude era, just simply the 70s, the 80s (World Class), where it was “hey, go be a heel and get them going”.

  8. Ronald B says:

    I think this is a work.

  9. SSE Hitman says:

    Good for him.I’m tired of defending WWE everywhwere I go,and they have to defend the closest remark to racism,sexism,or ageism that comes out of a talents mouth just because 1 Cenas carrying them and they’re too scared to go another way or 2 Lindas senate run therefore they keep that no talent Cena at the forefront.Fan since 1987.Losing patience since 2010

  10. T says:

    I agree Mr. Maiden but wrestling was not popular/mainstream back then. The past is the past. Businesses evolve. The problem is the fans who can’t evolve with the business.

  11. Geoff says:

    Great, now get Tensai off tv. Sick of seeing him on raw

  12. alan says:

    i would rather see wrestling not be mainstream anymore and be good instead of the wwe crap we are force fed, wrestling back in the 70’s and 80’s was awesome entertainment and made u feel it was totally real, and in many cases it was

  13. Dr. Jerry Wiseman says:

    The days when you can call someone a derogatory name are long gone, no more will you see an angle played out on TV ala Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant when Lawler called Valiant a fa**ot. I even have to censor this comment due to the connotations of using the term…

  14. Daniel says:

    People need to get over themselves and stop being whiny little bitches. Seriously. It was a goddamn joke. Get over it. I can see WWE trying to save face, as a corporation trying to keep its sponsors but come on…this is just stupid.

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