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Future of Impact Wrestling remaining a live show

Spike TV is committed to airing Impact Wrestling live through August 30th. It is possible the September 6th episode will be a live edition as the go home show for TNA’s September PPV, but no decision has been made. TNA is currently booked for Impact tapings on September 10th and 11th. There has been discussions of making Impact Wrestling a weekly live program, but Spike has yet to green light it. Obviously, TNA would like to remain a weekly live show, but the company is in cost costing mode, thus Spike would have to agree to pick up the additional production costs of remaining live.


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  1. Bobbo the Destroyer says:

    i don’t see that happening, they don’t make the money like wwe.

  2. Zomas says:

    if this report is true then spike is suicidal. right now the ratings for tna are at 2006 levels. they have lost hundreds of thousands of viewers. tna doesnt have a demographic left for spike to sell advertising to.

  3. Nick says:

    They’ve been slowly rising when they’re not competing against anything major and I think the live aspect definitely is part of that. That being said, they may lose viewership again because of the Olympics and who knows what will happen once the regular TV season starts up in October.

  4. Hipnosis says:

    Spike TV won’t do it. They’re too busy focusing on MMA

  5. echo says:

    Spike needs to continue the live broadcasts. It probably doesn’t cost as much for a season of Impact live versus any usual series being filmed, and I just can’t imagine Impact going back to being a taped show. Huge disadvantage at this point for TNA to go back to taped shows.

  6. TRUTH says:

    this is all about product, gerweck has the ratings listed for the past few years. if you looked at their ratings for the past month, a few weeks ago TNA had a .90 on the nielsen rating, where smackdown which is taped, had 2.02. they dont have money too pay their superstars, there house shows are free.

  7. Fisha695 says:

    I’ve watched more Impact since it’s been live then I had in the previous few years.

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