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Poster: Vader is coming to Corbin, KY

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  1. KZw fan says:

    Vader is not coming to Corbin ky. It is a look alike guy. Kzw runs Corbin ky and we know for a fact vader is not coming to Corbin ky. Come support a true fed in Kzw we are tye only true wrestling fed in the area. I hope the ky board shuts this other fed down for saying vader is coming

  2. Kystud says:

    Ok kzw fan, let me sit the record straight. Vader is coming to Corbin ky!!! I am a personal friend of the Booker and I know for a fact Vader is going to be there. Your petty jealously is damn silly please stick to your goofy fed and leave real Feds along. Mr gerweck please accept my apology for this rant. I comment alot on our fine board but believein standing up for my friends and brothers in the business

  3. Pwfbooker says:

    Just to set the record straight I am the booker Pro Wrestling Freedom and we will in fact have the one and only Big Van Vader in Corbin. Kentucky on October 6th at the Old Corbin Civic Center. To the owners of this Site is would appreciate the comments from kzwfan being removed as they are simply trying to slander our company. Thank you for the support

  4. rhbd says:

    Vader is actually going to aruba where he’s won a 3 night stay at the best western hotel and a beach lot

  5. jack says:

    This is funny. I see some flaws with your post kzwfan. Number 1, you have never been to Corbin, #2 I have seen your show, I would much rather get a colonoscopy then see your show again. #3 Vader will be there. You are scared. What promotion advertises a wrestler like that and doesn’t follow through?

  6. Boogeyman says:

    Can’t we all just get along?!

  7. Jamie says:

    @Jack – I’m not denying that Vader is coming, but there are many *many* answers to that last question of yours

  8. jack says:

    @Jamie, let me rephrase that, what promotion that wants to have a long standing career will advertise and not follow through? I understand where you are coming from.

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