NXT Spoilers

Jul 27, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

Credit: Josh Parry & PWTorch

Dark Match: Bo Dallas beat Dean Ambrose with a quick roll-up. That didn’t well with a very loud, pro-Ambrose crowd.

Episode 1 taping

(1) Antonio Cesaro beat Derrick Bateman.

(2) Tamina beat Sofia Cortez with a Superfly Splash. Good actual wrestling match.

(3) Kassius Ohno (Chris Hero) squashed Jake Carter. After the match, he hit multiple rolling elbows, but Richie Steamboat made the save.

(4) Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel beat Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis. Kinda botchy and fast, but the crowd was into it.

There was a face-off between Seth Rollins and Jinder Mahal for “next week” to promote their NXT Title match. Good promos and very intense, which turned into a pullapart brawl. Both men vowed to win.

Episode 2 taping

(1) Hunico & Camacho beat Mike Dalton & Jason Jordan.

The Usos called out The Ascension. Ascension’s music hit to distract the Usos, but the Ascension came through the crowd and beat them senseless.

(2) Big E. squashed Chase Donnovan.

Jinder’s headgear box was brought out, which meant title match time.

(3) Seth Rollins beat Jinder Mahal to become inaugural NXT champion. The Fink came out to handle ring introductions to give this a really big-time feel. The crowd was pumped. Rollins eventually won with the Black-out after a tremendous 20 minutes. Even Jinder was in top form and Rollins was as good as ever.

Seth cried after winning. Triple H, Dusty Rhodes, and The Fink embraced him on the stage. The entire roster then emerged to carry Seth to the back on his shoulders.

Episode 3 taping

(1) Brodus Clay beat a jobber.

WWE announced they return to Fail Sail on August 9.

(2) Richie Steamboat beat Kassius Ohno via DQ. Ohno was too aggressive the ropes, drawing the DQ. Ricky Steamboat then helped Richie to the back after more brutalization by Ohno.

(3) Paige beat Audrey with a DDT.

(4) Leo Kruger beat Percy Watson.

Jim Ross interviewed Seth Rollins about his NXT Title win without an interruption.

(5) The Ascension beat The Usos. Not bad, but it dragged.

Bonus Match: Big Show beat Alex Riley with the WMD. Both men got great reactions even though Show is heel. They’re wasting Riley by not using him on TV, as the crowd is always hot for him.

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