7/25 OVW TV Report

Jul 26, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Vandrisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episode#675, which was taped on July 25th, 2012, with an air date in Louisville of July 28th, 2012. This episode is already available online at www.ovwrestling.com

Gilbert Corsey and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer.

1. Ryan Howe beat Rouge Navy

We started off with a match this week. Ryan Howe again played rock-n-roll guitar before the match. Former WWE developmental talent Rouge Navy attacked Howe before the bell, and kept control for a bit, but Howe came back and won fairly quickly with the Buff Blockbuster.

OVW Heavyweight champion “Smooth” Johnny Spade got into the ring in street clothes. Spade asked Jamin Olivencia to come out. Spade defends against Olivencia on August 4th. Both are babyfaces, but things became heated between them here last week when they shot on each other with words. Spade said he meant what he said last week, but asked Olivencia to let bygones be bygones. Olivencia said he meant what he said last week as well. They both again started taking verbal jabs at each other. Olivencia said Spade made a lot of mistakes in his past, and said tonight he will beat Rob Terry clean, something Spade could not do. Things got nasty when Spade mentioned Olivencia failed a drug test here in the past, while receiving a big push. Olivencia said he is “concerned” that Spade will become a junkie again when he beats him for the title, and said he doesn’t want Spade to end up like his father, who died of a drug overdose. So yeah, you could say these good guys have created a real personal issue here.

Cliff Compton was arguing with Chris Silvio and Mo Green backstage, with other babyfaces in the room as well. Both guys talked about the “entrance off” between them tonight, where the fans will decide who has the better, and more entertaining entrance. What is it with the babyfaces feuding here lately?

Raphael Constantine walked into the room and offered Jessie Belle a chance to escort him to the ring tonight, since his other ladies have left him high and dry. This then went to OVW Women’s champion Taeler Hendrix arguing with Jessie Belle, resulting in a match between the two of them tonight.

2. Jessie Belle beat OVW Women’s champion Taeler Hendrix in a non title match

Gilbert and Corsey spoke of Johnny Spade and Jamin Olivencia breaking an unspoken code in the wrestling industry by heaping such inside dirt on each other in public. All Hendrix early here, but Jessie Belle came back and won this non title affair with a Widows Peak. No Dylan Bostic with Hendrix this week. Didn’t Tara beat Hendrix with the Widows Peak on TNA Impact? Maybe Hendrix is susceptible to that move or something…

Bobbie Bardot, who is the wife of Al Snow, was backstage wearing a wild green dress and matching hat, and talking to Mo Green. Bardot asked Green to read from a script she had, she mentioned getting some type of an audition a few weeks ago, and wanted Mo to read the lines in his “sexy voice”. Bardot then asked Green to spell out Silvio, like he does during the Chris Silvio entrance. Bardot looked thrilled, then left, and was given cash by a smiling Cliff Compton, who was outside the door in the hallway…Hmmm….

Chris Silvio was shown handing a CD to the unseen music guy of OVW, with Silvio telling the person that this is the music that Cliff Compton wants played during his entrance tonight…Hmmm…

Josette Bynum was in the hallway talking on her cell phone, telling someone to be at the OVW house show in Elizabethtown, Ky. this Saturday to take care of some business for her.

Speaking of taking care of business, Trailer Park Trash, who is now Bynum’s boss, then came out of the bathroom, where he had apparently just had one heck of a bowel movement. TPT told Bynum to go in there and clean it up. Bynum went into the bathroom coughing, gagging, and frantically spraying Lysol. Heh..

3. Tony Gunn beat Mohamad Ali Vaez by forfeit to win the OVW TV title

Vaez’ music played three times, but he did not come out. Finally Rob Terry, who is extremely angry with Vaez, came to the floor with the OVW TV title, but no Vaez. Terry threw the title belt into the ring, and referee Josh Ashcraft called for the bell, counted to 10, and then awarded the OVW TV title to Tony Gunn via a forfeit. Wow. Terry let Gunn know he has his sights now set on him after the match. Gunn though is only a pawn in the revenge game Terry is playing with Vaez right now.

Prince Bolin, along with all of BS 2.0, confronted Randy Royal backstage about some comments Royal made about Bolin on Twitter. Royal didn’t back off his comments here face to face, but Trailer Park Trash was also in the room, so Royal didn’t get beat up now, but Bolin said they’d have to do something about Royal in the near future.

Chris Silvio and Mo Green were shown backstage tampering with Cliff Compton’s whistle and air horn, and gimmicking them so they wouldn’t work.

4. The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany DeVore beat Jason Wayne & Rocco Bellagio w/BS 2.0 in a Nightmare Cup semi-final match

It was BS 2.0 vs BS 2.0 here last week, with Jason Wayne & Rocco Bellagio beating Jack Black and Joe Coleman, but they were all getting along fine again tonight. Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver are back together full force again as the Mobile Homers. All Wayne and Bellagio for quite awhile, with Revolver taking the heat. The Mobile Homers won it though to advance to the finals of the Nightmare Cup tournament, which will be held on August 4th, when McNaler pinned Jason Wayne. Wayne had McNaler set up for his full nelson slam finisher, but Revolver tripped Wayne.

Gilbert Corsey mentioned that next week will be the other semi-final Nightmare Cup match of “The Best Team ever”(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz” vs James “Moose” Thomas & Michael Hayes. That makes no sense as Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa beat Switchblade & Godderz, who are the tag champs here currently, in the first round. But Corsey said that since Paredyse has now left OVW for now to appear on Broadway, that Switchblade and Godderz are allowed back in the tournament. Why couldn’t Espinosa just pick another partner, or go it alone against a tag team? Crap booking. It’s pretty plain to see the Mobile Homers are gonna win the Nightmare Cup.

Cliff Compton was backstage getting Mary Jane drunk on shots of Tequila as yet another sneaky way of messing up Chris Silvio’s entrance tonight. This was all entertaining stuff with Compton and Silvio trying to sabotage each other before their “Entrance off”.

Speaking of the “Entrance off”, it was time for it. Cliff Compton went first, and couldn’t get his air horn to blow, or his whistle to work, and also appeared to fall off the ropes and break his sunglasses, which may not have been in the script. Compton’s music also changed, and Chris Silvio and Mo Green were shown in the control room, laughing it up, while Compton stewed in the ring.

Silvio and Green then came out for their entrance, with Mary Jane the hula hoop girl out with them, and she was literally falling down drunk. Green tried to do his intro for Silvio, but the mic kept cutting off to break his rhythm. We then heard Green’s voice come up from the lines he was reading for Bobbie Bardot earlier, but they were doctored in such a way that it made it seem like Green was talking bad about Silvio behind his back. Compton and Silvio then shoved each other around for awhile, until some refs finally came out to separate them, so the “Entrance off” had no official winner. Kenny Bolin called it a “double disaster”. I liked the build up on this show for it, the “entrance off” itself wasn’t very good.

5. Jamin Olivencia beat Rob Terry by DQ

TV main event time. “Smooth” Johnny Spade joined the announce booth for this one, and Kenny Bolin did a good job of grilling Spade for making private backstage information public tonight, which is something OVW legit prides itself on not doing. Bolin was pretty “on” here. Terry dominated Olivencia for awhile, and he was doing so with some actual wrestling holds, not just power moves. Olivencia came back and hit his clamping DDT finisher on Terry, which caused Rudy Switchblade and Jessie Godderz run in and attack Olivencia for the DQ. Spade ran in and saved Olivencia from the heels, but then leveled him with a superkick to end the show.

Good show this week. Had good flow and focus to it, and a good and entertaining vibe to it. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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