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The McMahons contribute to Romney’s campaign

The McMahons have donated $160,000 to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

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  1. Captain Ass says:

    I’ve always liked the McMahon’s but it always helps to know that they are politically smart also. Before anyone goes off on me, I am AMERICAN, I want what’s BEST for this Country, so I would vote for whomever I thought was best, regardless of the party they represented. Too bad Jesse Ventura wouldn’t stand a chance as an independent to win the election….because I’d vote for him.

  2. Freeman Cooper says:

    Captain Ass, what’s best for this country is Obama. Under Romney, the rich would pay NO taxes. Plus, the middle-class would be paying SOO much in taxes, it would cause the economy to collapse. Mitt Romney as President would be a disaster. I’m just hoping the McMahons are gonna be prepared for the drop in viewership, as well as the loss of a portion of the WWE Universe, that will accompany this decision. And, by supporting Romney’s campaign, they are NOT politically smart. This is gonna end up being just another dumb decision made by Vince, alongside the failure of the XFL & what will end up being the failure of the WWE Network.

  3. James says:

    Obama is good for this country? So increasing the national debt is good? Bad mouthing America is good? Saying that the government is responsible for every small business is good?

    Obozo is crap.

  4. New World Order says:

    They both suck. One man cannot lead a country

  5. fairfax says:

    here here FC. While im not surprised that the McMahons are backing Romney I am surprised they would wish to make it so public. I would venture to guess that the VAST majority of the “wwe universe” fall into the middle class category. To quote my good buddy Dale Gagne(r) “Anyone who works for a living that votes republican is like chicken voting for Col Sanders”.

  6. 50 shades of gay says:

    You marks bush ran up the debt!

  7. Fisha695 says:

    Honestly the President makes no difference as they don’t actually make laws, it’s the idiots in Congress that make the laws and really run the Country while the President is just a figurehead that takes the blame while collecting a paycheck.

  8. JLM says:

    As a middle class american, I can proudly and truthfully say what is best for America is Gary Johnson.

  9. Captain Ass says:

    @50….and Obama has ADDED to the debt. Why doesn’t it surprise me that YOU would be a Democrat? I didn’t vote for Obama before and I never would based on his track record.

    @James, I completely agree with you and Freeman Cooper is another Obama sheep that apparently claims he did no wrong. Cooper, you do realize that Linda McMahon is running for Senate as a REPUBLICAN, right? The McMahon’s have ALWAYS been Republican, to my knowledge, so why the heck would they support a Democratic President, ESPECIALLY Obama given his track record? Romney isn’t perfect by any means, but ANYONE is better than Obama.

    It’s a no brainer, people wanted change….they got it, and we’re worse off now. Only a damn fool would vote for Obama again.

  10. Drew says:

    Waste of money.

  11. fairfax says:

    i cant see how were worse off? people are working. thats a big thing. unemployment is down. the housing market is slowly rebounding and the government hasnt been wasting our tax dollars bailing out corporations. and to top it off we havent declared war on anyone. ill admit that i dont follow politics as closely as i probably should. but in my eyes thats not too shaby.

  12. Kevin says:

    Increasing the national debt? No Republican in recent history has ever balanced a budget, let alone pay down the national debt. If you want to talk about national debt, the last Republican in office signed off on two tax cuts while simultaneously getting us in to two unfunded (and unaccounted for) wars. The deficit under Obama spiked partly because he actually moved the cost of the wars onto the books where Bush had not.

    @James- Bad mouthing America? Please provide at least one valid example. Obama never said that the government was responsible for every small business. Perhaps if you heard his comments in their entirety you would realize this. Mitt Romney recently said the exact same thing Obama actually said in his speech. Then again, one would need to remove themselves from the Fox Noise bubble.

    @Captain Ass- Worse off now? Tell that to someone in Detroit that was on the verge of losing their job in the auto industry. Tell that to the kid with a preexisting condition that now cannot be denied health care, or the terminally ill patient that won’t be dropped by their insurance company because they reach their lifetime limit. Tell it to the troop that was sent on four tours of Iraq and is now home with his family. Tell it to the 4.3 million people that now have private sector jobs that didn’t have them before February 2010.

    While this country is nowhere near where it needs to be, to say we are worse off now than we were in December of 2008 is downright asinine.

    The problem isn’t the president, it’s the obstructionist Republicans in congress that have used a record number of filibusters to block legislation. John Boehner has been speaker of the house for 568 days and has yet to pass a single jobs bill. No wonder this congress is the least productive in at least 64 years.

  13. Motorhead says:

    i think the real story here is the continued felowship between the mcmahon’s and the establishment republican party. It was with the help oif santorum that the wwf won deregulation and allowed the company and later the business to operate sans unions. Let’s not forget it was a republican governor of connecticut that squashed steroid issues for vince in 1990. That same gov was given millions in stocks when the wwfe went public in 99. What’s even less reported is how their political connections squashed the investigation into wrestling after the benoit tragedy. Don’t take my word for it. Get the books and find out for yourselves. The whole thing is crooked.

  14. Captain Ass says:

    @Kevin – ANY recession gradually gets better without the help of a President or the Government. Nobody can prove that the Economy has slightly improved because of Obama. On the other side of things, nobody can disprove it either.

    Obama created a debt commission that produced a reasonable though imperfect plan to deal with America’s long-term fiscal woes. But he stiffed it and then failed to supply a plan of his own, sowing the seeds for an impending debt ceiling crisis and making an eventual fiscal fix that much harder. One more step along the path not taken, along with pro-growth tax and regulatory policies that would have reduced policy and economic uncertainty and unleashed the private sector to invest, expand and create.

    Barack Obama’s stimulus plan cost more than the race to the moon, the Louisiana Purchase, and the Marshall Plan — in real dollars — and it did nothing for the economy. Obamacare is a massive new entitlement program that we cannot afford. His 10 year budget? It will leave America with more debt than has been accumulated by all previous Presidents in American history combined. Way to go.

    Obama promised not to hire lobbyists and not to raise taxes on people making less than $250,000 per year. He would post every bill online before he signed it and he promised to negotiate health care reform publicly, and those are all lies. Then after going on the biggest spending spree in American history, Obama turned around on a dime and talked about how important deficit reduction was to him. He lied about health care. You can go on and on with these examples. There’s not an honest bone in Barack Obama’s body and the American people deserve better than that from their President.

    Enjoy your bailout companies. I’ll enjoy the Ford I drive that didn’t plunge into Barack’s bailout program.

    Elections have results. So do bad policies.

  15. Captain Ass says:

    If this doesn’t load up, copy & paste the URL into your browser.

  16. Atlee Greene says:

    As a life long Massachusetts resident, I can safely say Mitt Romney is not the person you want running our country. During his administration as governor, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. He brought “Romney Care” to Massachusetts and now he is opposing Obama for doing the same thing on a national level. He dramatically cut education and unemployment benefits when the economy was good. Big business does not belong in the White House and Romney is the epitome of that notion.

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