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Kevin Nash teases a nWo reunion

Nash via Twitter:

A lot of you wanted an NWO reunion,there will be one.As you know we only come in take over mode.Stay tuned!!!

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16 Responses

  1. loo s says:

    Just don’t get injured when u try to take over……

  2. maverick says:

    It may sound stupid but if they really did do another NWO takeover, wouldn’t mind seeing CM Punk join the group like he did with Nexus.
    Just a thought..

  3. Hipnosis says:

    Aces & 8’s Spoiler…..

  4. Rory says:

    At Senunas Bar & Grill.

  5. MoneyInTheBank187 says:

    Take over the WWE like ole times ? Because if they took over impact it STILL would not improve ratings. I am a huge wrestling fan but can Impact ever get 500,000 more viewers …ever…?

  6. Kid Vicious says:

    does the world need another nWo reunion?

  7. Ostego says:

    Nash, if you can’t find Hall, He’s in the ally behind the rehab center.

  8. Science & Violence says:

    Now We’re Old.

  9. loo s says:

    Lol @ science

  10. Ian says:

    A lot of you??? Who the hell wants an nWo reunion???

  11. Dauber12 says:

    I’m assuming it would be wwe since don’t they own the rights to nwo?

  12. Bumbolee says:

    I can’t imagine the WWE wants to rely on Scott Hall anymore. But “IF” it happened, it would be Nash, FatPac, and I like the suggestion of CM Punk.

  13. Brandon says:

    do you people actually believe anything Nash says on twitter anymore?

  14. -J- says:

    the great oz has spoken!

  15. New World Order says:

    If nWo returned id like to see this:

    Punk as leader.

    Joined by Daniel Bryan

    Tag Champions: Ziggler & Rhodes
    IC Champion: The Miz

    All in the new nWo.

  16. ImaPaulHeymanGuy says:

    He’s probably talking about the NWO dvd that’s comming out this fall

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