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Variety interviews with Stephanie McMahon

“What our audience wants is great creative; it’s what any audience wants,” Stephanie McMahon said in an interview with interview. “We need to provide content across every different platform so that our fans can engage across any device they prefer. Every property is struggling with that. As long as you are everywhere, you keep and grow your audience as well.”

“We’re going to use social media in a more enhanced fashion,” besides just promotion, Stephanie told Variety. “Our fans will affect some type of content in the show every week.”

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  1. Chris says:

    Stephanie…if WWE actually LISTENED to the fans and we affected the product as you say, it would be more about WRESTLING and less about shtick and “acting” as these “superstars” do nowadays. You have a roster that has some very talented individuals on it, with more coming through developmental, and their skills are being wasted because WWE wants to be “sports entertainment”. I go back a few decades as a fan of this industry, and I must say that the product in any promotion has gotten stale. With WWE being the big name, the standard has to be set there. Time to actually LISTEN to the fans and give us what we want…WRESTLING and the rebirth of kayfabe. Stop the social media crap and bring the mystery back. Thank for your time.

  2. chris says:

    The wwe needs to take advantage of the stars they have. Kharma for example…a great feud with beth phoniex or even better how about a concept that hasn’t been done since the chyna days and have a female holder of a major belt instead of just the diva’s title. What happened to unexpected surprises and twists as opposed to wasting time on sensless promos and talking. The wwe is the juggernaut of the wrestling world….show why it supreme…stop doing what’s been done before and create inovative concepts…like the elimination chamber that was genius.

  3. Chris James says:

    It’s true. Kayfabe is deader than dirt. That’s a big issue because back in the day, fans actually cared when someone got ‘taken out’. Sure, the fans that just watch every week are more into it, they believe more because they stay off the websites and off twitter. But not if they push it down our throats. It’s more like a show than a wrestling promotion that just happens to document what goes down.. I seem to recall Austin being put through glass and honest to god wondering if or when he’d return. Glass in his eyes and all. I believed. Everyone did. I get you, Steph. But get us, more.

  4. Chris James says:

    I will never say Stephanie doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She absorbed all of her daddy’s knowledge like a sponge. I have full confidence in her and Hunter running the company. They just have a social media kick at the moment, that’s all.

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