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The Rock announces his return to the ring

As announced on Raw tonight, The Rock will be challenging for the WWE championship at the 2013 Royal Rumble in January against whoever is the champion at that time.

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  1. Fisha695 says:

    Austin cost Punk the title setting up a Punk/Austin feud for WM.

    Rock becomes the Champion but does not defend it until WM against Cena who starts #1 in the Royal Rumble and “overcomes all the odds” to win it.

    D-Bri full returns to mid-card status by then and does not hold a title (unfortunately).

    Big Show continues to be useless & Kane continues to Job despite everybody not listening to me when I said that is exactly what was gonna happen after his initial “Masked Monster” return.

    Brodus Clay will have vanished from TV by then, Rey will be injured again, HBK will show up to ultimately start the storyline for another HHH vs Taker match.

    Sheamus will be upper-mid-card, Del Rio would’ve made a Face turn but then got injured, Ryback will still be beating nobodies but by this time they will be talking up his “Streak” with each person he faces counting as an individual win instead of just 1 win for the handicap matches.

    Sin Cara will be in a gimmick “Foreign Legion” stable with Santino, Tatsu & Aksana

    Albert will be working backstage as an agent while only making occasional appearances. Golddust will be back, make 2 TV appearances and then vanish for almost a year until he is seen again. Regal will still be underused & AJ Overused (look I like here but enough is enough)

    Mick Foley will act as the Rocks mouthpiece in a comical way that Rocky does not approve of. Khali will eliminate 10 jobbers in the rumble and then botch his own elimination leading to Teddy Long coming out and allowing him back in the match only to get eliminated again.

    And finally it’ll be Miz vs Swagger in a Hair vs Hair match.

    See WWE I can do long-term overly obvious booking too.

  2. Chris says:

    very accurate prediction.

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