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Major name said to be confirmed for Raw tonight

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  1. D0r14n Gr4y says:

    Was he ever not going to be there?
    I can see him picking his opponent for Mania.

  2. William Hild says:

    When I first opened this article, after reading “Major name said to be confirmed for Raw tonight”, and before the picture of the Undertaker loaded, the ad below his picture HAD loaded, and it was a picture of Hornswaggle. It was as though, at first, that the “Major name” was Hornswaggle! I got a chuckle out of that!

  3. O says:

    This may be way out there, but I’m calling it now… If the rumors from earlier this year are correct, I’m saying Taker costs Cena the title against Punk tonight to set up for Mania.

  4. Ian says:

    And rightfully so…he wont the main event of the first RAW

  5. Gweedo says:

    @O it sounds crazy but may actually just be the ticket…

  6. Big Andy says:

    Is a photo of a tv the best we could do?

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