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Hart family member comments on Raw not honoring Owen

Smith Hart, the eldest of Stu and Helen’s 12 children, tweeted:

I feel bad that due to legal restrictions my brother Owen couldn’t have been honored in that opening video

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  1. dave says:

    damn shame

  2. loo s says:

    BLAME Martha

  3. Hipnosis says:

    Me too :(

  4. Dusty says:

    Martha needs to just STFU and realize that she can no longer sue about Owen. She should allow them to honor him. She for some reason thinks they are trying to spite him and his name, when in reality, I think they just want to honor him.

  5. LJLJ says:

    If they wanted to honour Owen, the company should give all footage the Martha and her children, and let her and the family be the one to make the profit and celebrate Owen, not Vince.
    I think people try to oversimplify this issue by simply stating it’s about Martha spiting Owen’s fans and his wrestling career. No, it’s her disgust that Vince and his family will make a profit from Owen’s image, whilst at the same time were responsible, in part, for his death. I think that is why Martha has been angry all these years.

  6. damienkreed79 says:

    1 Vince can do what he wants because owen worked for him, all rights belong to WWE because when owen got his job there he singed a little document called a contract. Any lawyer worth his salt will tell you once you signed a legally binding contract that’s it, that’s why the dudley boyz are called team 3D & also why a large number of wrestlers can’t use the same name.

  7. damienkreed79 says:

    Martha Hart & WWE should just come to an agreement & honor Owen plain & simple. FYI Martha is spitting on Owen’s fans because she doesn’t even let her & Owen’s kids watch old footage of Owen or any wrestling for that matter. She can’t wipe Owen from history. People hate Vince for doing it to Chris Benoit well is it right that Martha does it to Owen. Owen was a Hart & wrestling is in the Hart’s blood period

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    Lets sum it up, Drop the Lawsuit and legals, and its an open respect to Owen all day long. I watched that man die before my eyes, and I was a child. Im grown and this damn situation is still going. Its so bad that Kansas city shut down the Kemper Arena, it is no more. Let it go, and let Owen get what he truly deserved.

  9. LJLJ says:

    Damien, I understand your perspective as a passionate wrestling fan but I believe this is beyond wrestling as it is a matter of negligence and death in the workplace. Any talk about contracts is null and void, when the employer creates a dangerous working environment without proper oversight that subsequently relates in death. Unfortunately, wrestling or sports entertainment is one of the few industries that is not unionised, which results in not only low pay but also unsafe working conditions.
    I would also argue that I’m sure not just Martha (who had to raise 2 children solely) but importantly Owen’s son and daughter – who were deprived of a parent early on in their lives – would really care if their father was in a video game, or made into an action figurine or put in a “Hall of Fame”. I’m sure they would trade all the wealth and accolades that the wrestling community bestowed upon Owen, to have their father back in their lives.
    In terms of justice, I believe the McMahon family has gotten off lightly both legally and historically in regards to this incident. They have attempted to re-write the tragedy and shift the victimisation on to themselves (they are the ones trying to preserve Owen’s memory and not his bitter wife). It is unfortunate that so many wrestling fans have failed to look beyond the cheap PR and promise of shiny new toys

  10. damienkreed79 says:

    I fully agree with you LJLJ but wrestlers die, its a horrible fact of life, do the mcmahons deserve harsh punishment for what happened of course but take a look at Droz the man has been in a wheelchair because of an accident that occured in the ring, now he didn’t sue or ask that D Lo Brown be fired it was an accident, on top of that is wrestling dangerous stunts & a dangerous work environment comes with the job, wether it be an accident in the ring or attepting a stunt it happens. I feel for Owen’s children & for Martha’s loss but Owen agreed & knew the dangers that came with the job, afterall he is the man who crippled Stone Cold

  11. Urvy says:

    This is why they had to induct Drew Carrey and Koko B. Ware, because Martha refuses to give the company the ok to induct him.

    Let it go, it was NOT the company’s fault.

  12. damienkreed79 says:

    If Owen didn’t die the way he did then maybe he would be here but then again there is that slim chance he would’ve came up on a bad end of a botched move still do the mcmahons deserve responsibility on that & yes but again its wrestling every wrestler knows that maybe 1 day it can end either by a botched move or by a car accident, or any other way but still they do cuz they love it, its not about vince, wwe, martha, or the fans, its about Owen. Would Owen be so happy if he was around & all this was going on because of him, I doubt it but none of can or should speak for him all we can do is just enjoy his great career & remember him fondly

  13. anthony says:

    Martha was the one who did not want owen name to be involed with wwe that way she did the lawsuit against wwe but she not going to $win

  14. Mike says:

    She should let him go in the Thesz Hall of Fame.

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