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Jul 23, 2012 - by Atlee Greene

There are so many Monday Night Raw moments for me that stand out over the years. From the 1-2-3 Kid’s upsetting Razor Ramon to Stone Cold Steve Austin crashing Mr. McMahon’s WWF title presentation ceremony by driving a Zamboni into the arena and even CM Punk’s promo to kick off the ‘Summer of Punk’, Raw has been the flagship show for not just the WWE, but professional wrestling. Whether I watch the show out of habit or watch with genuine excitement for the next big match, knowing what happened on Monday night is absolutely critical for every wrestling fan.

My favorite Monday Night Raw moment took place on 7/9/01 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia. The invasion angle was off to a decent start and a tag team match featuring Chris Jericho and Kane vs. Lance Storm and Mike Awesome took place. As the match reaches its boiling point, ECW’s Tommy Dreamer and Rob Van Dam come in from the crowd and a wild brawl ensues.

All hope seems to be lost for team WWF until Tazz, Raven, Rhyno, Justin Credible, D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley came racing down to the ring. With Jim Ross and Paul Heyman calling the action, it looked like WCW was going to get their just deserts. The troupe of the perceived-to-be WWF superstars slowly turn around facing Jericho and Kane. Heyman, on commentary yells “Feel It JR. Feel this moment, for the rest of your life. Feel it.”

Jericho and Kane receive a vicious beating at the hands of 12 men capped off with a Spicolli Driver from Dreamer and a Van Daminator from RVD. Paul Heyman enters the ring with the Dudley Boyz holding the ropes open for him. He states he has been sitting at the broadcast booth like a corporate sellout next to Jim Ross who he referred to as “that damn pig.” He mentioned that in the midst of WWF vs. WCW everyone has forgotten about the tribe of extreme. He proclaimed ECW is back and the invasion has been taken to the extreme.

Of course, the end of the episode revealed ECW was purchased by Stephanie McMahon and joined forces with WCW. This moment had my friends and I marked out like I’ve never marked out before. My friends and I discussed fantasy matches and dream scenarios for hours on end when Raw concluded. We all know where the invasion angle went afterwards but this is was truly a moment that I will always remember as a wrestling fan.

Other Raw Moments I’ve enjoyed:

–  D-Generation X invading WCW Monday Nitro at the Norfolk Scope

–  HHH Returns in Madison Square Garden from quadricep surgery

–  Mr.Socko debut and Steve Austin dinging Mr. McMahon on the head with the bedpan

–  Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart Ambulance Brawl

–  Owen Hart Tribute Raw

–  Brock Lesnar’s Return to the WWE

–  Cryme Tyme and DX cut a deal in the parking lot for tickets

–  Lita defeated Stephanie McMahon for the woman’s title

–  Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker Ladder Match

–  Test and Stephanie McMahon’s wedding

–  British Bulldog defeats Owen Hart for the inaugural European Championship


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