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Vince McMahon: “I average about four hours of sleep” posted an interview with Vince McMahon on a variety of topics.

“I average about four hours of sleep. I don’t like to sleep. I’m missing something when I’m sleeping. From a personal standpoint, I’m aggressive by nature and I’m truculent by nature. So I need to have a socially acceptable outlet for that. That would be bodybuilding. I enjoy that. It’s a challenge to be stronger. I get a lot of enjoyment by training. Nutrition goes with it. I train for my head—not my body. The ancillary benefits are that I’m healthy as a horse. It really does clear my head. It’s an opportunity to wash anything from my head, business-wise or personal. That’s my moment when I can get into a zone.”

(thanks to Mike Informer for the link)

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  1. krixus says:

    Hey genius, four hours of sleep a night are terrible for BBing. Your prime hours for growth,recovery,fat burn etc all occur during the 7th to 8th hour of sleep. It’s no wonder all these athletes are seeking Testosterone replacement Therapy, because the lack of sleep halts their release of testosterone in the body. Also 4 hrs of sleep a night is the best way to lower your immune system and bring on diseases and ailments.7 and a half to 8 hrs of sleep are best.

  2. brandon says:

    What about firing people? That can be fun too…

  3. Captain Ass says:

    @krixus AKA genius, not everyone’s body works the same way. Vince obviously has plenty of energy and he’ll be 67 in a month, so what he has been doing is working for him, so your dubious points are null and void for him. Save your medical advice for someone who will actual give a crap.

  4. Captain Ass says:

    *actually give a crap.

  5. -J- says:

    at his age Vince needs to really take better care of himself, perhaps with more sleep/ clearer head he would see the product for what it is at this point.

  6. rob says:

    Makes sense. That dude has to have a pretty stacked itinerary.

  7. Captain Ass says:

    -J- Miracles do happen, but I’m not sure about that one. He takes care of himself just fine. He looks good and is healthy, so to him, that’s what matters.

  8. Chris James says:

    McMahon has always taken his training seriously.. I cannot picture Vince sleeping in or taking it easy anytime soon..

  9. Fisha695 says:

    He “Averages” about 4hrs of sleep, so do I. Some nights it’s 8hrs & some nights it’s 2hrs but on average over the course of a week or month it’s about 4-5hrs a sleep a night average.

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