Lucha notes including Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, more

Jul 19, 2012 - by Kris Zellner

Jeff Jarrett officially announced yesterday that Kurt Angle would be his partner against Electroshock & L.A. Par-K at Triplemania where the losing Roldan (Joaquin & Dorian) in their corner will get his head shaved. Angle has been rumored to be on this show for a while now and it has been confirmed.

Last Thursday on a spot show, Metalico suffered torn ligaments in his left leg that will keep him out of action for a couple of months. Bobby Zavala hit Metalico with a splash with all of his weight going on the leg causing the injury. Metalico continued to work until the end of the match because he said he is a professional but he did admit it hurt extremely bad and went to the hospital immediately after the match. Metalico isn’t new to injuries as he has had compressed vertebrae in his right arm causing him partial paralysis, back injuries, fractured fingers, among other injuries and he has come back from all of them and will do it again here. Metalico told Zavala that he hopes he stays healthy until he gets back because he will get his revenge.

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