7/18 OVW TV Report

Jul 19, 2012 - by Steve Gerweck

by Trent Van Drisse

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for July 18th, 2012, at the Davis Arena in Louisville, Ky. OVW owner Danny Davis may be back in charge here storyline wise, but the wacky, and head scratching, booking of late has remained.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, & Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Terry Boddie were the ring announcers. The attendance was around 130 on a stormy night. Bolin had his OVW Hall of Honor certificate with him that he was given at the July 15th OVW Homecoming 8 show. Jim Cornette was also inducted into the OVW Hall of Honor at that show.

Here’s the archive of the July 15th OVW Overview podcast, that had “Mr. USWO” Jimmie Daniel as the special guest.

1. Jessie Godderz w/Rudy Switchblade beat Tony Gunn w/Nick Dumeyer

Dark match. Godderz & Switchblade are the current OVW Southern Tag Team Champions here as “The Best Team Ever”. Comedy spots early. Godderz then took control of the bout. Gunn came back, but Switchblade threw Nick Dumeyer into the ring, and the distraction allowed Godderz to roll up Gunn, and hold his trunks, to win it. Godderz and Gunn didn’t click especially well here.

2. Chris Silvio w/Mo Green beat Samson

Also a dark match. Cliff Compton, who has been feuding with Chris Silvio lately, again came out and interrupted Silvio’s long ring introduction. Compton stood on the announce desk and said he has a stop watch with him, and win or lose, he can beat anytime Silvio sets here. Why in the world would he want to lose quicker than anyone should they lose??? Samson, who is a large Black guy that has appeared some in ROH this year, started out fast, but Silvio came right back, and got the win with his “Rocket Punch” finisher in 1:45.

Compton said he could beat anyone in the back faster than that, leading to….

3. Cliff Compton beat Dylan Bostic w/Taeler Hendrix

All Compton from the get go here, but he didn’t seem to be in a huge hurry to end this match, which was also dark. Compton went up top, but Mo Green got on the ring apron and threw confetti at Compton. Compton then chased Green around on the floor while the clock was ticking. Silvio announced there was 10 seconds left, so Compton hit a Michinoku Driver on Bostic and beat him, but Silvio announced that Compton didn’t beat his time. Compton then chased Silvio and Green to the back. What this booking didn’t consider here was this all made both Samson and Dylan Bostic look like plate fulls of piss.

A table was brought into the ring, and the TV taping started with a contract signing for “Smooth” Johnny Spade defending the OVW Heavyweight title against Jamin Olivencia at the August 4th Saturday Night Special. Gilbert Corsey moderated the proceedings. Things started out respectfully enough here, since both Spade and Olivencia are babyfaces, but the gloves came off when Olivencia questioned whose ass Spade has been kissing around here to have been granted so many chances to win the OVW title. Olivencia also mentioned that Spade was given the final slot in the 5 on 5 steel cage gauntlet match at the July 7th Saturday Night Special where he regained the title, and that TNA’s Abyss softened Rob Terry up before Spade came in and beat Terry.

Spade fired back by questioning why Olivencia just gets to come and go as he pleases in OVW, while he Spade is always here busting his butt for the company. Spade mentioned Olivencia appearing in “The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity” play, where Olivencia played a wrestler of all things, and Spade broke kayfabe by saying when Olivencia was supposedly on the shelf with a “broken ankle”, he was actually out filiming a reality show. Spade conceded that Olivencia won a #1 contenders match last week to earn this title shot, but questioned why Olivencia was allowed in that match in the first place. I liked that both guys presented legit gripes about the other here.

The Mascara Mafia(Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa) were talking backstage. Paredyse said he mentioned on his social media today that he had a big for announcement tonight, and then told Espinosa that it’s he’s heading to appear on Broadway, and will be going away for awhile. Paredyse was very excited, saying this was a dream come true for him. Espinosa looked disappointed, and asked Paredyse about the Nightmare Cup tag team tournament, that he and Paredyse won a first round match in last week, beating the tag team champions, The Best Team Ever. Espinosa though then said he would throw a going away party for Paredyse tonight.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Prince Bolin, along with all of Bolin Services 2.0, were talking about how they have two teams in the Nightmare Cup, and one way or the other, victory would be theirs. Much happy grunting then ensued.

Next a long video played of Adam Revolver & Ted McNaler working together on the farm, cleaning up copious amounts of horse poop, among other activities, while Tracy Byrd’s “I’m from the country” played. McNaler’s girlfriend, Brittany DeVore, now dressed as a country girl, was also in the video a lot, supervising the boys. Their “Mom” said last week she had a test for them this week, but she wasn’t seen at all this week, so maybe a continuity issue there. McNaler and Revolver were then shown back in their mobile home, drinking beer, and agreed to get back together as “The Mobile Homers”. DeVore then joined them for some more beer drinking, which they called “unfinished business”.

4. Jason Wayne & Rocco Bellagio w/Prince Bolin beat Jack Black & Joe Coleman w/Prince Bolin in a first round Nightmare Cup tournament match

This was the first match of the TV taping. Prince Bolin is no longer wearing his germs stay away from me black gloves on his hands. Prince Bolin and his gang became extremely angry with ring announcer Ron Hed for introducing Black and Coleman for this match, saying he introduced the wrong team. Out came the once again Director of Wrestling Operations for OVW, Trailer Park Trash, along with his new, and very sad looking, personal assistant, the crestfallen Josette Bynum. TPT informed us that this would BS 2.0 vs BS 2.0, much to the chagrin of everyone in BS 2.0. The BS’ers all started arguing with each other, but Jason Wayne and Rocco Bellagio then attacked Black and Coleman from behind, and the match was on. It ended very quickly though when Jason Wayne pinned Joe Coleman by holding his trunks. Prince Bolin tried to do damage control by telling his troops this was over, and now they move on, but he did also slap hands with Wayne and Bellagio when they won. Coleman and Black stormed off to the back.

Jessie Belle and Heidi Lovelace were in the ladies dressing room doing a photo shoot. Raphael Constantine walked in, and was disappointed that he didn’t know about the shoot, nor was he invited to participate in it. Taeler Hendrix was yelling at her boyfriend Dylan Bostic, like usual. Brandon Espinosa walked in and invited the ladies to Paredyse’ going away party tonight, which they were receptive to.

5. Ryan Howe beat Jay Best

Howe again came out playing Jimi Hendrix inspired rock guitar, and did it well. Jay Best is a tall, gangly Black guy. He looked awful. Howe won quickly with the Buff Blockbuster.

Brandon Espinosa was backstage inviting a bunch of babyfaces, mostly mid carders, to Paredyse’ going away party tonight.

While that was going on, the geek squad was setting up for the party in the ring. They had a table with presents on it, and balloons, including a giant “Hello Kitty” one.

Out came all the party goers. Paredyse opened a present, which was a stick…Huh?? Paredyse talked about leaving to appear on Broadway, and thanked everyone, especially Brandon Espinosa, for their support. Shiloh Jonze and Raul Lamotta were among the party goers, but appeared to be grumpy, and Lamotta popped a balloon at one point. Paredyse said what he really wanted for a present was a kiss from his “partner” Brandon Espinosa, and Paredyse puckered up to get it, but out to the floor came party poopers Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz. Godderz made excuses for losing to Paredyse & Espinosa last week saying Tuesdays are when he updates his website, and it takes him 16 hours to do so. Wow, these every Wednesday night TV tapings are a real b!tch for him then huh? Godderz and Switchblade, even though they are the tag team champs here, were wanting another crack at Paredyse & Espinosa. Espinosa asked all the party goers to leave the ring so he and Paredyse could fight the party poopers, but then the number of poopers increased when Shiloh Jonze and Raul Lamotta attacked Espinosa & Paredyse from behind. Switchblade and Godderz joined in on the fun, but Jonze and Lamotta attacked them as well. James “Moose” Thomas & Michael Hayes ran in and made the save for Paredyse & Espinosa.

Out came Trailer Park Trash, with his sad assistant Josette Bynum. TPT ordered Jonze and Lamotta into the ring, and told them they were now in the Nightmare Cup. Wow, so you turn heel, help ruin a party and get immediately rewarded here for it huh? Rolls eyes. TPT said bring out the opponents, which led to…

6. The Mobile Homers(Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver) w/Brittany DeVore beat Shiloh Jonze & Raul Lamotta in a first round Nightmare Cup tournament match

So the Mobile Homers are back together huh? Were they ever really apart? McNaler and Revolver won this match extremely quickly when McNaler hit Raul Lamotta with a spear while Revolver held Lamotta in place. Wow, what a weird debut for Lamotta & Jonzes as heels. They lose in like 30 seconds. This Nightmare Cup hasn’t been too dreamy thus far, and now I’d have to say The Mobile Homers are the new favorites to win it.

Cliff Compton was arguing with Chris Silvio & Mo Green backstage. Silvio said Compton was jealous of him, but Compton said Silvio now has his old manager in Mo Green, and was just trying to copy Compton with his look and act. They argued over who had the better ring introduction, and then said, let’s have the fans decide it next week.

7. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Raphael Constantine by count out to retain the OVW TV title

Constantine came out alone, it seems his ladies have left him since he lost Ralphie the stuffed bear back to Tony Gunn. Before this match started, Rob Terry came out and yanked Constantine off the apron, and then clotheslined him on the floor. Terry then had a stare down with Vaez, who is now a big fan favorite here. Referee Chris Shapre awarded the victory to Vaez, but I don’t think the bell ever rang to start this match. So many matches tonight were extremely short, and this one never even started. Terry is angry because he laid down and let Vaez pin him awhile back when both were in “The Family”, and Vaez then refused to lay down and lose at the July 7th Saturday Night Special, which was key in Danny Davis winning control of OVW back from Josette Bynum. Terry and Vaez are obviously on a collision course.

6. “Smooth” Johnny Spade beat Rudy Switchblade w/Jessie Godderz in a non title match

TV main event time. Spade is the OVW champion, but this was non title. Jamin Olivencia came out and joined the announce booth for this one. Spade was wearing new Spade trunks, which meant we saw his legs for the first time ever. What a thrill. This was the only match of the TV taping given any time, and it was alright, as things went back and forth for awhile. Spade was warming up for his superkick, but Jessie Godderz tripped Spade, causing Jamin Olivencia to chase Godderz out of the arena, even though he’s annoyed with Spade himself, he’s still a babyface. Godderz was dumb enough to come back out, so Olivencia decked him, and Spade then rolled up Switchblade to win the match. Spade and Olivencia were both in the ring after the match keeping Switchblade & Godderz at bay from getting back in. Spade and Olivencia ended up going nose to nose with each other, but did not come to blows, to end the TV taping.

A lot happened on this show, but not much of it did anything for me. A few OK moments, but not a good show overall. The show flowed alright, but didn’t feel like it was ever clicking. Send any feedback to tvd65@hotmail.com

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