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Update on Kharma

Despite WWE not making an official announcement, it is believed Kharma has been released by WWE. Her profile being moved to the Alumni section is not a work.

Kharma has reportedly told friends that WWE didn’t know what to do with her creatively.


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  1. Ian says:

    Of course they didnt know how to use her…she didnt fit the who cares how good they are in the ring as long as they look hot mold of most WWE divas…heaven forbid they actually get women in there that can wrestle and use them properly

  2. M.J. Wright says:

    Sad. Just F***ing Sad!

  3. bah says:

    They didn’t know what to do with her creatively because they are stupid idiots.

  4. Jamie says:

    WWE creative didn’t know what to do with someone? I’m shocked!

  5. Geoff says:

    “WWE didn’t know what to do with her creatively”

    That says it all about the current bookers in the WWE.

  6. 50 shades of gay says:

    Awesome Kong back to TNA.

  7. anthony says:

    what a waste of time, budget, promo of WWE to her.

  8. -J- says:

    seems odd all this news breaks around the time of the biggest raw of the year.

  9. Doug says:

    save this article, erase Kharma’s name, insert sara del ray, repost in a year.

  10. Really? says:

    “Doug says:
    July 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    save this article, erase Kharma’s name, insert sara del ray, repost in a year.”

    Exactly, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought Kharma out on the 1000th Raw for an appearance, just because this leaked.

    Still, just like when they signed Gail Kim had her do basically nothing for a long time and then released her, they managed to do what they set out to do by signing her – stick it to TNA.

  11. Nick says:

    I still suspect this is neither a work nor any major issue between Kharma and WWE. I still wonder if Kharma’s heart is still in the business right now.

  12. Hipnosis says:

    I know what to do with her creatively. Have John Cena be attacked by Kharma on RAW thus canceling his match with Punk. Have her come out and attack AJ. She’s Daniel Bryans new Girlfriend after CM Punk gives in and gets with AJ.

    Now here’s what happens. Kharma says she’s been depressed and hurt from the loss of her baby but blames her boyfriend for the loss and says Daniel Bryan is more than he ever was (Heel Heat)

    CM Punk says what Kharma did had nothing to do with her and AJ didn’t deserve to be attacked.

    Tag Match is set. Kharma pins CM Punk cleanly with a powerbomb. Kharma demands daniel bryan gets a WWE Title Match. (WWE Summerslam) next PPV is a 4 way. AJ vs CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan vs Kharma for the WWE Title.

    After a grueling contest that seemed like a tag match CM Punk gives Daniel the GTS then Kharma Powerbombs CM Punk then AJ gives Kharma a crossbody and is caught by Kharma. Kharma picks her up and powerbombs her. As she checks on Daniel CM Punk is getting up and Kharma grabs him and gets ready to powerbomb him but CM Punk counters and gives her the Aroconda Vice. Meanwhile Daniel Bryan pins AJ and we have a new Champion. (WWE Night of Champions)

    Next at WWE HELL in a CELL for the first time ever 2 women battle in the Cell. Kharma is destroying AJ and CM Punk has had enough and tries to get in. He takes out the referee and grabs the key but Kharma chokeslams CM Punk. AJ grabs a chair and takes Kharma out with 3 shots to the back. AJ pins Kharma and wins. CM Punk grabs AJ and runs out the ring.

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk in a Hell in a Cell next. CM Punk tells AJ to stay on the top of the cell since they won’t let her in. Kharma comes out later to watch. After a while CM Punk has the upper hand and gets ready for a GTS when all of a sudden Kharma tackles the cage door letting herself in and CM Punk is shocked and frozen. Daniel Bryan then locks on the yes Lock and AJ is climbing down the cage. Kharma goes after AJ and AJ runs into the crowd around the whole cage and back around while Kharma’s still in the crowd. Daniel Bryan lets go of the Yes lock and gets out the ring while AJ has a chair. CM Punk stands up smiling… then AJ Turns Heel and smacks him over the back with the chair.

    Daniel Bryan pins him and wins and after the match AJ and Daniel Bryan Make Out. Kharma looks on and drops to her knee’s and begins to cry.

    next night on RAW. Daniel Bryan and AJ love crap blah blah she’s not good enough for you CM Punk. CM Punk comes out and tries to attack Daniel but they run out the arena. Kharma is seen arriving to the arena in casual clothes looking blank while CM Punk looks at the tron and looks back at the exit to the arena through the crowd and leaves pissed off that they got away while looking confused at the tron concerned for Kharma.

    Later after the John cena Match (Main Event) Kharma comes out and drops to her knee’s crying. Then she begins to get angry and hitting the mat then she begins to do her trademark laugh and RAW ends.

    John Cena vs Daniel Bryan for WWE RAW. John Cena wins. The rock is back. ROCK vs CENA 2 at Survivor Series.

    Meanwhile Kharma comes out and attacks AJ and lays her out and Daniel Bryan runs away. CM Punk comes out to check on AJ and then Kharma stares at CM Punk. CM Punk shakes her hand and smiles. Daniel Bryan vs Kharma is announced the next week.

    Survivor Series Kharma defeats Daniel Bryan thanks to CM Punk’s distraction after Daniel tries taking a chair to her and instead takes the chair himself. The referee wakes up and Kharma powerbombs Daniel for the win.

    Kharma comes out on RAW and challenges the new WWE Champion THE ROCK!

    The Rock vs Kharma is set but as Kharma comes down the Ramp BROCK LESNAR attacks her and takes out her leg Brian Pillman Style.

    She’s injured. Brocks Suspended. Creative can find a way to keep pushing her after that.

    I’M DONE! I’M FINISHED! How hard is it to come up with an amazing Storyline? Everyone gets a push. The Good Guys win. The Bad Guys lose. The Punk vs Bryan angle continues and Bryan and AJ can get some more points to get back the heat lost from Kharma. HIRE ME AS YOUR WRITER WWE. I can do a way better job than those guys lol

  13. antonio feliciano says:

    Great talant lost

  14. Ahmad says:

    Did anyone read everything that guy up there said^?

  15. Paul says:

    What a waste! We never did get to see Kharma vs Beth Phoenix. Kharma may have been the only one who could have saved the Divas division from potential oblivion. WWE seems to have little interest in the Divas division, let alone “Divas” (which I wouldn’t call Kharma) who can actually wrestle, which seems obvious when you look back at the series of matches between Alundra Blayze and Bull Nakano, two of the best female wrestlers in the business; while they had good matches, particularly their match at Summerslam 94, WWE failed to provide the fans with any storyline to build interest in their rivalry, so Blayze and Nakano were unable to set the women’s division on fire.

    At this point, I have to say “Give me the TNA Knockouts any day of the week”.

  16. Mick says:

    With Kelly Kelly and the Bella twins gone they where starting to run out of bimbo’s for her to squash

  17. DBRude says:

    With no Diva’s division left, she could have turned her attention to the men’s titles. They did it with Chyna, and I believe she could dethrone Santino, at least, for the US title; Kharma being the one person “The Cobra” wouldn’t work on. I could see Santino hesitating to strike her with it, on account of her breasts, allowing her to hit the “Implant Buster” for the win. Or, for comedic affect, he taps her gently with it before she lays him out.

    It’s crazy that the leader of the industry doesn’t know what to do with an act like her’s. WWE should feel embarrassed.

  18. Johnny B says:

    Serious, despite intergender rules, how hard is it to book.

    You team her up with the legends (and others) to get her over.

    Greg Valentine – Kharma and Greg
    Johnny B. Badd – Badd Kharma
    John Cena – KharmaCena
    Boy George – Kharma Chameleon
    Miz – MizKharma
    Jimmy Snuka -SuperKharma
    Booker T – Kharmarooney
    Santino – Kharma Cobra

    Heck, the list could go on until you get to Mae Young again (please, don’t).

    That’s two months of booking. Then they could have Beth Phoenix demolish her, and start a year-long feud that ends with them both being tag-partners for a team called Kharma Rising.

    That’s 15 months of booking in a few short paragraphs. I can even see her own line of sweetened popcorn -Kharma Korn.

  19. Lalallol says:

    Karma Karma Karma Chameleon.

  20. whoa says:

    Dear Hipnosis & Johnny B:

    Please lay off the coffee.

    The Internet

  21. Hipnosis says:

    lol XD

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