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Update on the Martha Hart vs. WWE lawsuit

A November 16th hearing date has been set in Brideport, CT to discuss WWE’s motion to dismiss the remaining claims against the company and the McMahons by Martha Hart and the Owen Hart estate.

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  1. anthony says:

    I am a big fan of wrestling but this hole thing about Martha Hart vs. WWE get over it we all love & miss Owen but money is not going to bring him back think about your kids do you went them to see you in court everday for the worst of your life lawsuit after lawsuit it’s time to move on with you life

  2. AJ Starr says:

    Martha needs a serious reality check, and quick. At this point, she is embarrassing herself.

    Is the WWE at fault over Owen’s death? Yes.

    Did she get millions of dollars as a result? Yes.

    Did the WWE basically remove Owen Hart from the company almost as much as Benoit to make her happy? Yes.

    Instead of doing right by her kids, and allowing use of Owen’s name and image (which is WWE’s RIGHT since they own the footage and have his signature on contracts stating they CAN do it.) Have WWE pay royalties to her and the family… have a decent and comfortable life… get the kids through college for free… and let fans remember her husband.

    I mean for Christ’s sake… what REALLY gets me is she puts a picture of Owen from the WWF’s own library on his tombstone, but tries to sue them EVERY TIME they mention Owen’s name. Woman is plain psycho!

  3. SSE Hitman says:

    Thank u Aj.Right on the money

  4. anthony says:

    Now that right on the money let us remember Owen for who he is wrestling legend who’s name is a family legacy who we honor and respect so let us honor who he is Owen Hart p.s. Martha if your not down with this we got two words for you

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